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Its hard to find a food in the post apocalyptic world

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Great job animating! Also loved the jazzy music in the background. The only bad thing is that it's missing a few sound effects where appropriate. Besides that, great job! :)

animationaddict responds:


This was just goofy, but I like it though. Not to mention the art work is just amazing. Great job! :)

o-o Certainly interrrrresting. Not sure if it's in a good sort of way or not, though, I'm a little frightened.

Animation wise, while it isn't the best (Still above average!), the flow of it and the general scale of the environments is much bigger than a regular animation on Newgrounds... Which, personally, I think is both a good thing and a bad thing for this particular animation.

On the gore, I don't really think it was necessary... Instead of making me laugh, or making me think, "Wow, that was intense!" it disturbed me more than either of those things. Now, don't get me wrong, it was, uh... Entertaining for a while, but I feel like the product as a whole could've been much better if some of the gore and more disturbing parts were toned down a bit. In general, the gore felt random and made it much worse than it could've been.

An example would be when he punches the crawling mutant in the grocery store. I didn't think that was funny, A) because the mutant was malformed and already suffering, so hitting it just made me sigh, and B) the mutant didn't really have an expression that would've made me laugh otherwise. On a broad topic, I think the animation on moving characters need to be made more fluent.

I just think this seems strangely cruel and unfunny because of it... Concept-wise, a guy going to the grocery store in the middle of an apocolypse could be both hilarious and full of action. Here, though, I felt like the violence and mean-spiritedness of the animation overshadowed that.

Rating: 2.5. Even though I liked the animation, I think it could've been used for better purposes than in the submission.

(Hopefully this was helpful... I was conflicted on whether or not to give a positive review, given the animation, but I legitimately thought it was just too much. Please, tell me if I glossed over or overanalyzed a particular part of the animation.)

animationaddict responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
I suppose in an apocalypse niceness would be on short supply. I like the idea of us finding out this poor soul who maybe you wanted to root for because he looks like us turns out to be not so nice. I admit the violence is over the top but I figure it fits in such a sad distopia. If not here, then where else?
Anyway again I'm glad the story compelled you to the response, even if I obviously would have preferred you rated it higher.

Overall, it's not too bad. I like the story idea of what you are trying to achieve (going out into the post-apocalyptic world to find food), although the execution could use some improvement. If I had not read the description, I would've not understand what was the whole video about. Perhaps maybe in the beginning to show some indication that he's hungry before going out in his hazmat suit.

Kudos on attempting to animation frame-by-frame.

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2015
6:00 PM EST