Swing Rocket Dash

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a HTML5 based game, so in principle it should run on various kinds of devices. However, it has been noticed that game won't work correctly at least with Android native browser. Please use Chrome/Mozilla/etc instead.

Two rockets are travelling in space somewhere near Alpha Centauri. Your task is to master their positions using highly advanced single-click control. Rockets are collecting stars and passing the gates to get forward.

The only control you need is left mouse button.

Rules are simple:
- if rocket color matches the gate, it will pass and +1 is added to your score
- if rocket color does not match the gate, it is destroyed by green alien lasers
- if rocket hits a star of matching color, +1 is added to your score
- if rocket hits a star of different color, -1 is subtracted from your score

Game requires fast reactions and good timing to achieve excellent results.


I am surprisingly impressed, I assumed this was going to be stupid, but it turned out to be very fun!

Ive tried it on my iPhone and it is bad the timings wonky and it takes eons to load. But on my PC Its a good enjoyable game A for effort mate

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nice gameplay... a litte bit more action required

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Going into it I was not expecting much, due to the lack of polish and minor details. However, once I actually started playing, it was a pretty fun game. Simplistic? yes, but fun and challenging regardless.

For a simple little game, this is actually pretty fun and really addictive! Good Job!

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2015
12:01 PM EST
Skill - Avoid