Bronx Brothers Finale pt1

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Angelina (Angelina Jolie) was ordered to kill her cousin Rocco's wife Mary, on their island getaway in the Phillipines. Angelina's father, Walken (Christopher Walken), is the head of the mafia in New York and gave her the order. Walken's protege and underboss Travolta (John Travolta), is secretly being followed with a wire tap by the FBI (Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino) in order to find the location of Walken. Meanwhile Rocco, Walken's nephew, is hunting him, to avenge the death of his father Jack (Jack Nicholson), and his Uncle Paul (Paul Newman)

Movie Soundtrack

1. Blade Runner -Vangelis
2. The Lost Boys -Techno remix
3. Pet -Perect Circle
4. Pump It -Black Eyed Peas
5. Lost Without You -Robin Thicke
6. Batman(Lasiurus) -Hans Zimmer
7. Tears From Heaven -Eric Clapton
8. Darude(techno remix) -Ecstacy
9. Dreamy -John Williams
10. Sunshine Of Your Love -Cream
11. Schindler's List -John Williams

This is the story of a criminal family empire lead by the BRONX BROTHERS. The youngest brother, Marlon, is the charming, goodlooking, boss of the family. While his elder brother, Walken is an evil tormented psycopath in and out of jail, who is secretly killing off the entire family out of jealousy and a desire to rule the underworld as the sole BRONX BROTHER. One brother out of the five BRONX BROTHERS, has taken the responsibilty of stopping two of his brothers that are pure evil, middle brother Tony and 3rd oldest brother Walken, his name is Paul, and he's a priest, and the eldest. When family members or Mary's family members are kidnapped and/or murdered by Tony or Walken, Paul asks his nephew Rocco to help rescue, as Rocco's father is the fifth BRONX BROTHER, his name is Jack, the second eldest brother, and also very charming and rambunctious. All his life Rocco avoided the family business, choosing to be a doctor instead. He has a beautiful love named Mary, and they have a wonderful life together...until Walken and Tony try to destroy it

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the single best movie i have ever seen. You are the next Spielberg

Either it's me or the movie wont load.