Steamboat Jose

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This is a little homage to Steamboat Willie, an animation i've always loved. I have always been an animation enthusiast, this is my first real atempt to animate. That is in part the reason for it being so short. More to come.

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Great touch on an old classic.

Personally, I really liked the style of this short. With the old-style touch to it; made it an enjoyable time viewing for the 18 seconds it played.

Hopefully next time we get to see something a little bit longer!

Keep up the good work.



HeyJose responds:

Glad you liked it. I'm already working on the next one. A tad bit more ambitious and just as clasic as this

Not bad man! I love the fact that you chose to redo this classic animation with your own mix to it! If you ever wana work on a cartoon together lemme know! Check out my profile to see what level of artist I am and then youll see why its a good idea to work with me as a team!

HeyJose responds:

Glad you liked it. I sure am gonna check your work. I would love to work on team on something major, just remember i'm still a beginner. I wouldn't want to screw up your projects.

Really good job. Keep 'em coming!

HeyJose responds:

Working on it :D

i loved it!
usually i dont like too short movies/animations, but this one was a really nice imitation/tribute to steamboat willie (an animation that i love, like all the disney films), so this was very good artistically!
nice work, and do more

HeyJose responds:

Thanks! :)

A very nice experiment, loving how smooth the animation is.

For a first timer, this is actually pretty good! Looking forward to see more of your content. :)

HeyJose responds:

Thanks for the encouraging words.