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This took me a while to do. Its my first sprite movie. Featuring Kain and Cecil. Enjoy!


theres some tin about ure kain sprite

uhhh kain has a lance...not a sword...and why isnt cecil in palidon form? i like how u used ff2 sprites! and why dost cecil have a weopen? and one more thing that deserves the words wtf...kain turned big...kain couldnt do that in ff2 but any ways its a pretty funny and kewl flash


DUDE that was fucking funny make another one plz email me and ill do some ones voice in it


dude that rocked

The end was the best part!

No I am not talking about it getting over. This at least shows you know how to end something! Much more entertaining than anything else you have ever put out! Ok it had a weak story line but at least you finally finished with a good strong ending instead of a weak boring one! Any way no more like this and stay away from doing paraodies ("retarded flash", I believe "you" called it). This actually shows you might have some talent at writing something. Keep it up and your predicition might come true. Do the crap like Ep 3 My Generation and you will fail!

Senile-Yoda responds:

Now, Now. I have Apolagised for MG Episode 03 on Several ocaasions, I, Myself don't really like it now.. But I guess some people liked it since its relativly close to 3.00. Anyway, Thanks for beliving in me.. and I won't attempt anything like that without a lot more practise .(At "Retarded flash" as "you" said "I" Put it.. Confused? Then my job is done! Mwhahah... o_o... I don't get myself either, anyway, Thanks for watching!)


This is better than the last sprite movie you submitted. You have improved. One line of text does not run on another, and you made it so all you have to do is press the spacebar. Which is very easy to do, heh. Keep up the good work.


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3.13 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2002
8:04 AM EDT
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