¿que Hora Es? [sfm]

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A little short I did in Source Filmmaker. I know this website is mostly Flash stuff, I have a Flash project coming soon, I just wanted to give this program a chance. And this got completed in 2 days. Audio from Cedric the Entertainer Presents.

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Oh my goodness, that was so suspenseful, shame it ended in a cliffhanger. What will Mr. Gonzales going to do? What about Fem!Scout?

Oh, the drama.

On to actual reviewing, the animation was pretty smooth for a Source Filmmaker movie! It was pretty laggy for, but I didn't brought the score down, since it's probably me. You earned my 5, friend. :)

the dialouge is surprisingly fitting for a gmod. good work catching that and making the gmod! is there an acually good tutorial for importing 3d models to gmod? cuz i can't find one... :(

WhattheXbox responds:

It's source Filmmaker and I just imported Left 4 Dead's Ellis (came with SFM) and the FemScout (downloaded from workshop).

Hey In My Book, This Is Fine On This Website. It Is Indeed An "Animation." :)

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3.76 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2015
11:25 PM EST