Attack of the Snuggly Bun

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Old game I made found on my computer. I hope you all love it.
Fluttershy's bunny Angel got caught In Toxic Waste what Discord produced. (It's mayonnaise for him)
and Angel accidently jumped in it than it spreads over Equestria and Angel died and the copies of him turned evil
and they want to overrule Equestria so they go to the power of friendship. Also known as Twilight Sparkles.

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Great animating, still could use a little bit of work. But, overall, nice job, dude. Not bad at all. Actually, I personally think it's one of the best MLP-themed fighters I've seen so far out there. Keep up the good work.

Fluttershy will never forgive me... :.D

242 before i finaly died, computer was haveing a heart attack during.

imalivenetwork responds:

Lol my computer has problems like that too.


i don't realy like it cuz there isn't any action ore good sprites ...........