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A tiny point&click game.

- Edit -
The old Unity WebPlayer died a while ago ... and I only just finished rewriting the game in OpenFL. This involved converting a 3D-game into a 2D-game (always a lot of fun !).
I've chosen to keep the game mostly as it was, when it was created some two years ago. I did add a little bit of extra player feedback and a walkthrough (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8VtZSwkWew&list=PLDzko9-D8V1q5MZrixRLuoXeTim8SzIVG).

Enjoy !

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I'm honestly stuck after lighting up the crystals, I realize i have to recreate the melody, but cannot find anything that makes a noise except for the dragonfly and final crystal, the only other (seemingly) intractable thing is the spherical thing below the dragonfly

AndHalfAFish responds:

Are you sure you followed the crystal beams all the way to the end ??? :-)

I player through twice, and finally made it through to the end.
It took many tries to figure out that I had to duplicate the melody by clicking in order on the small figures below where the dragon fly finally comes to rest. Understood it when I realized to slow down!
It's an interesting concept: an unusual tiny room with unique interactions and results. If others play this, it may be helpful to know that some patience is required to observe how things interact and then unfold and how to interact with them again after they do.

I liked the graphics and the sound effects especially.
I'm always amazed when people can use programs and write script and develop something that responds to the click of a mouse cursor!

AndHalfAFish responds:

Thank you for leaving a comment !

There is actually a visual hint for the melody too ... :-)

I'm getting the feeling that there is a bug.
After activating all the crystals with the last beam pointing to the ceiling nothing happens anymore and i also can't do anything ...
Only hotspots left are the last crystal and the first with the insect (however it's called in EN).
But no interactions are possible on this hotspots.

Last, one thing i would improve: Make the pointers to the next area (or leave the current scene) more visible. It took me some time on the beginning to find them.

Oh yea: and even if it's just a short game a walkthrough should never miss.

AndHalfAFish responds:

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No bug ... You just probably missed doing something. :-)

I've uploaded a new version of the game with an interactive cursor. It will make it easier to see what objects you can interact with.

Interesting little game, I like the animation for it. Are all of these custom made? I don't know how Unity works, but this looks really nice, I think. On point and click games, the visuals are what need to stand out to me, along with clever little puzzles.

I enjoyed the little room that was there for me to explore, but not too much of it was interactable. I thought at least one book would be able to be opened. The crystals, while a neat idea, got me stumped by having nothing else to interact with. While I like this, I think it needs some more interaction, and maybe a subtle hint system. I don't wanna feel hopeless and unable to find the next step. It's good, though!

AndHalfAFish responds:

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Everything you see in the game was created in Blender (3D models) & GIMP (textures), and then imported into Unity (game engine). Unity is where the animations were made and all the scripting was done.

Credits & Info

2.35 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2015
4:03 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click