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InsaneSnake:The Christmas

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Arrow keys for moving. You can not collide with border or with itself. After collect sufficient amount new event will be start!
Number in window is remaininng points to next event.
Events are:
1. Decrease size of snake (head and cells) by half
2. Remove last 100 cells and add remover, which destroy last cells after collect.
3. Self Indestructible, but for a limited time.

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Comme à son habitude, ReptileSVK nous offre un jeu de snake qui fonctionne. Cependant, si le gameplay réagit parfaitement dans cette version, l'esthétique générale (décors, animations) et la musique sont de moins bonne facture. Dommage! Il va falloir trouver un équilibre entre ses deux derniers jeux, ZX Snake et Insane Snake. Bon courage pour la suite!

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXCn7GdPnSg

It's fully functional and all, but there are a lot of snake games already. I did appreciate that you could advance to more events if you wanted to, and got high enough of a score, but I don't think it was enough for me to really enjoy the game. Maybe you could add some events to the background, a static one seems a little bland and boring.

While it is fully functional, I think there needs to be more of a twist to the game itself before you upload it to Newgrounds. Here are a few suggestions:

- Give a few power-ups to make the game a little more interesting. Items always help a game, especially an old and tired one like Snake. In games like Breakout, there are power-ups to help clear the blocks above, so that it's a less tedious process. Giving something like briefly being able to pass through yourself, or being able to get rid of some of the trail behind you, would make this a little more fun.

- In a future game, if you make one, make this a mini-game. Something goofy like this would be a good minigame in a platformer, for instance. It would be a nice little change of gameplay, but here, it's a little silly.

- Add to the background/art: I liked that your little dude you play as was a smily face, and the background itself, but I wish something in it was moving more. Maybe it could be at the North Pole; Make the player character an elf, who's trying to wrap up tons of gifts, which keep on trailing behind him. The same could work for Santa as he's delivering gifts on Christmas. I think you should make it your own, because I liked what you were doing here.

While I am rating it low, it's only because I don't think it measures up to the quality of other games on Newgrounds. If you made it a little more original, or added power-ups/rewards for getting further, I think it would be a lot better.

ReptileSVK responds:

Number in window are remaining points to next event.
Events are:
1. Decrease size of snake (head and cells) by half.
2. Remove last 100 cells and add remover, which destroy last cells after collect. This is already permanent to the end of game.
3. to unlimited. Self Indestructible, but for a limited time.

Intersting game, nice to play, but not really clean. A fresh take on snake, which is nice to see. However, the game mechanics could do with a better explanation in the instructions. The instructions themselves could do with a grammar check. A nice game, could be a lot more.

A simple; fun snake game! I like the untraditional layout of the screen, with the score box implemented in the background. Gameplay's slick and easy, progress is fast, good game!