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Retro Rocket Rampage 2

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Easy 5 Points

Complete on easy.

Normal 10 Points

Complete on Normal.

Hard 25 Points

Complete on hard.

Impossible 50 Points

Complete on impossible.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Avoid enemies and collect points, health and bombs.

All known glitches are fixed
Hard medal fixed

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very nice simple game :)

rhys510 responds:

thanks :)

Fun game, just didn't like the fact that the player can't have all hearts back when starting a new game

rhys510 responds:

Im not too sure what you mean? :P
The different modes from easy to impossible start you off with a different amount of hearts. So if you go on to easy then you start with full hearts. If you an drop me a message on what you mean, that would be great thanks :)

It's alright. The sound effects and music are "meh" and get pretty grating after a while, there's nothing I can really say about the visuals, it controls well.

Really, it's just....meh. Got nothing else to really say about it.

rhys510 responds:

can you explain why you think its meh?

Overall this is a fun game! Bit annoying how the intro pops up every time you return to the menu, bit confusing how you're not told what's a power-up and what's an enemy, or what the power'ups do. The heart (extra life) and red power-up (kills all enemies for certain area) weren't difficult to figure out, but what about that last one? Nothing seems to happen when I pick up those. Also not much difference between the different modes, Easy took a while to complete, but once you've done that the other two seem to be the same thing with just fewer lives. Challenging, but not very varying! Ironically the boss is the easiest part, too, getting to him is the hard part. I like the pixel graphics, good game overall, but some things could be improved! Btw, can't seem to figure out how to get that 'I see you' medal... how about a hint? :P Keep up the great work!


rhys510 responds:

when you pick up the other 2 things you get more points
I might add in instructions but i thought they were fairly obvious but i guess not lol
go the ship that is blue with the white x on it and look for the secret ;)
- thanks :)

This has the workings of a pretty good game but it's missing a lot, some of which are the most basic of things for any games.

Basic functions like Mute and Pause are seemingly absent

If they are there I have no idea because there is no explanation of anything. I hit every button trying to figure out anything. I also have no idea about what speed does, what each powerup does or what is even a powerup (my first run I tried to collect an enemy because it was yellow, solid, not moving and looked like what a typical powerup might look like).

Game play is confusing too. It might seem simple but it's hard to tell the difference between a survival based game like this (I think) and a retro arcade style shooter without any explanation such as controls.

The hitboxes seem off, especially when turning. I think they expand to a box from top corner to bottom opposite corner which causes a few deaths.

I'd be willing to give this a much better review because as I said, it seems like it could be pretty good, but there is just so much lacking here. Good luck.

rhys510 responds:

Thanks for the comments i might look in to putting a mute button in but im not too sure how to make them work well. Im sorry for the lack of instructions but i thought they were simple enough but i was wrong XD. Also the genre says skill avoid so i thought that would have made it clear?.
the hit boxes are the whole ship but its pixel perfect collision so im not sure why your having problems ... il look in to it :). Since the game dosent last long i didnt see the need of making a (big chunk of code) pause button as it would just cause lag for older computers.

- thanks :D

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2015
5:20 PM EST