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Author Comments

Life is colorful, even grey has many shades ranging from black to white.
However when it comes to color description most people use only a few words like red, green, blue, yellow. Here's a simple quiz for more color variety to make your description more colorful.

UPD: There are problems with Google Chrome Browser - it doesn't update screen.

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To the people thinking any of this is wrong or mislabeled, it *does* say "HTML color quiz", not "art book color quiz" or "what my art teacher taught me colors quiz" or any other kind of color quiz.

What you see is what you actually get if you were to place that properly within HTML and then view from within a web browser.

< html >
< body style="color:magenta" >
< /body >
< /html >

Or replace with any other color (save that as some .html file and try it out by opening it with your browser. Also remove the space after every < and before every > as I added those only to make sure this review didn't choke up or otherwise have problems posting and wouldn't mess with the page itself.

As such this game is correct. If you believe anything is wrong, go ahead and make some HTML and throw that color in there and open in a browser and see for yourself.

Also colors vary widely and most languages don't even have names for most of them except for very basic colors. English is probably the most expressive language when it comes to color names.

Even at that there's a lot of variation and a lot of it comes down to which source you are referring to.

Also color-related is the fact that the primary colors are red, green, and blue, and they are *NOT* red, yellow, and blue, as your art teacher may have incorrectly taught you. The reason they teach red, yellow, and blue (or magenta, yellow, and cyan to be technically correct) is because when you color on paper or a painting or whatever you're actually taking away color, rather than adding it.

But the way light works and what you actually see (and what your computer actually uses and thus what HTML colors actually use) is red, green, and blue as the primaries.

And yes this will cause endless argument among artists or people who fancy themselves as artists, but if you disagree you're just factually wrong.

I started to play thinking it was okay, but a lot of the colors are actually mislabeled. chartreuse is definitely not a bright shade of green, it's a pastel.

DasSG responds:

Thanks for pointing out . There were other complaints about color mismatch, but they weren't specific. Unfortunately - color perception depends on surrounding colors and lighting. Also - web colors can be slightly different.
According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chartreuse_(color) in web it's green, hovewer traditionally it's definitely pastel. I've included a Codex with all HTML colors and names.
Initially I thought the idea of color quiz was okay, but after implementation it became apparent that human color perception wasn't taken into account.

There were a few bugs from what I noticed. It also seemed like the colours were not displayed properly. I think that could be fixed easily by making sure the correct fexdex code is used though. Some of the colours appeared to be generic enter colour name rather than the hexdex code which would create colour variance.

Good game but you have the major issue of the screen not properly displaying the proper colour/color, thus I got many wrong.

I only see in primary colours so this was really hard for me:[ I feel a failure of a girl...

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Jan 5, 2015
3:16 PM EST
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