Short: Hank want Cereal

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My short animation on 2010. i don't realy know how to animated, so i put on hypercam.Sorry for that.
You can see my youtube account, and get hacked:
and my NG account get hacked to:

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i liked it.
good story, good humour, i liked how hank went through all the trouble to get his munf munf cereals, and i liked every joke/gag/mishaps/endings in this.

i would advice you to aim for more comedic/humorous movies like this, because this type of madness movies is retalively new and original, and so it will be a wave of fresh air in the blurry, dark and scary world of madness tributes.

good stuff, do more!

This is bad, and you should feel bad.

Newgrounds is already saturated with Madness clones, and at least 1% of those folks try. This was just really bad. Sound levels where all over the place, like the mixer had ADHD and the "hypercam 2" crap in the corner may as well have been a tattoo on a hooker that says "Used often, super cheap, gives you open sores"

I see a vague attempt at trying something new with the now very overplayed Madness, but if youre going to do it, dont half ass it so bad that people with brain damage can watch it and pity you for sucking so hard. OK?

For what it is, it's funny. The only issue is that I would call this a comedy, not a drama. Beside that, decent job.

this isnt very interesting and the form of youtube poop edits you use are kinda dated. maybe you should rethink the ways he gets to the cereal overall. and if your a fan of ytp edits just try lurking youtube for some newer ones

Mind mind is DA shit!

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2.71 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2015
2:31 AM EST