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Terra Drill: To the First

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Author Comments

You are the mysterious sunglasses guy who suddenly appeared and wants to stop the plans of the princess. But you must defeat her guards first to make your mission easier.

A / Left Arrow to move left
D / Right Arrow to move right
K / X / Space to jump
Z / J to drill forward
When on mid-air
S / Down Arrow to drill below
W / Up Arrow to drill upwards

- If you're used to WASD movements use the J to drill and K to jump.
- If you're used to Arrow keys use the Z to drill and X to jump.

Test your reflex.
Drill your enemies non-violently. [Think of the Children]
Survive the levels and survive the boss.
Good LUCK! Have FUN! and DRILL with it!

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Un petit jeu sympa qui tente de l'originalité. Cependant la maniabilité n'est pas exceptionnelle et les touches attribuées ne sont pas très bien placées sur le clavier. C'est aussi très répétitif! Cependant le tout fonctionne plutôt pas mal;

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hr8xL7tLOs

ok game, only problem you have right here are the controls. and there is a huge issue with a portal on a level where its floating and it does'nyt teleport me, other than that, it ok

Stop the plans of ...? Something missing there? :P I do appreciate the dual controls, guess I'm somewhat ambidextrous there since I wasn't sure which one I would want to use... but the arrow key setup worked great. WASD worked great too. Those two variations seem to be the two most common key combinations in games, and most use just one of the two so being able to freely toggle between the two is a great advantage over other games!

As for the game: love that 'Drill with it' slogan. XD The captain obvious signs too, the think-of-the-children drilling, appreciate all fun wordplay and detail. Controls are slick, and running around drilling's all good fun, even if I was expecting more of a Motherload type drilling game. You know, mine resources, go downwards... graphics are nice and pixely, there's a little story mixed with the gameplay... there's a catchy chiptune. Apart from the overly elaborate title (doesn't seem to fit the simple theme/graphical style... I guess) I find no flaws. Nice work!


It looks fun, but the controls need reworking; they're too scattered. You must not have a Qwerty keyboard. Those of us who do find that WASD or the arrow keys are best for movement. Up/W is good for jumping, unless there are ladders to climb. With the current setup, the drill button requires the use of the fingers that are being used as the movement controls, thus, you have to either stop moving to drill, or twist the hand in an uncomfortable way to hit the key. :\

javurtez responds:

I really thought the controls were easy.
- If you're used to WASD movements use the J to drill and K to jump.
- If you're used to Arrow keys use the Z to drill and X to jump.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2015
2:20 PM EST