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Creepy Caleb is lonely!. But look, he's about to make a new friend... OR WILL HE???

There are many creepy people in this world. Caleb the Creep is one of them. You know these people. They walk around always talking too long when you engage them. I saw a guy at Trader Joes who was at the samples counter and talking way too long with the sample girl. He was blabbing about his best friend who got leukemia and all the illnesses in his family. You could tell this unfortunate lady wanted to get far far away from him!


Written by: Sam Graham and Jared Blunk
Animated by Sam Graham

I love stuff like this. Salad Fingers, any creepy animation on Youtube. You've seem them. There are so many. Michael Cusack (Yolo animation) has great stuff. Sexual Lobster is a genius. Search "Weird Cartoons Banned from TV" on youtube and you'll know what I'm talking about. There are a lot of awesome cartoon series about weird and creepy stuff. But the best ones are also funny -- yes sir.

My favorite has to be "creepy cartoon banned from television" that has Albert Einstein saying the whole world is a mistake and then he turns into the devil. It's pretty amazing. Its in stop motion animation which is really cool!

Ive always liked Cartoons about creepy people. I have some on my channel. I think I have one called creepiest cartoon ever or something like that. I have to go back and look thru it.

I have another cartoon, unreleased, called the Lord of Darkness. Its pretty much about the same thing as this. This lonely guy who lives by himself and doesn't get out much and he is way creepy and bothers people with his forwardness and is a loser and rejected by everybody.

Thats pretty much what this is inspired by. People who have nothing to do, no jobs, creepy, bad at getting women. etc. I don't know who this guy was at the sample counter, but he must have been a lonely reject, an outcast, something like this. He was hilarious.

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I enjoy this flash very much. Not only did it remind of Salad Fingers, but it was a nice refreshing change to see in the portal. Not only that, the man Caleb tried to befriend looked like Walter White of Breaking Bad (which was awesome).

You also have a unique style of animation, and the voice used for Caleb fitted in perfectly!

Awesome work, and can't wait to see more.



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HeySamGraham responds:


I very much enjoyed Caleb, and the way he looked. In the future it'd be cool to see more of him, and to delve deeper into why he's creepy.

HeySamGraham responds:

That's good advice!

Caleb truly is a creepy dude! :) In an entertaining kind of way, and it ends brutally! Nice work.


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HeySamGraham responds:


So relatable.

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Like the title says. this video is creepy!
I like creepy :)

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HeySamGraham responds:

Me too! ;P

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Jan 2, 2015
3:15 PM EST
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