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Wild West

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The United States of America in 1865 was a wild time. The American Civil War ended, President Lincoln was assassinated by a 20 year old actor, and a sheriff in Tombstone Arizona is about to become famous as the "gun-fighting marshal", his name is Wyatt Earp.
Wyatt never lost a fight in his life, except his only true love to typhoid. They were twenty when she died, and soon Wyatt became a thief and a violent thug, lost in a sea of tragedy. Eventually he was locked up for mugging an old woman of her grocery money. After being released from prison with the help of his lawyer father, he became a buffalo hunter and a cattle rustler with his good friend, Doc Holiday. One night in Dodge city Wyatt saved numerous people from a gun swinging maniac shooting up the town. The mayor walked right up to Wyatt and offered him a job as sheriff.
The winter of 1865 finds Wyatt in Tombstone Arizona drinking whiskey at his friend Harrison's (Harrison Ford) saloon waiting for a gun fight with Ike Clanton (Sean Penn), Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer) has just come into town to see his sexy fiance, big nose Kate (Kate Beckinsale), Curly Bob Brocious (Gene Hackman) and Billy the Kid (Leo Dicaprio) are bank robbers about to meet the hand of justice...named the colonel (Russell Crowe)

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I remember playing "The Movies" by my self ... good old memories :D

BronxBrother responds:


Is this made in "The Sims" game? I remember seeing some animation in this. Another is this is rated A, but it might be better suited as M seeing as you only had a nude in it. Your story didn't keep me captivated as the sims games don't do well in recreating a movie in it.

If you are sticking to creating stuff with The Sims games, give slapstick gags. You also want to try your hand at custom animation so the face can stay in one expression.

BronxBrother responds:

thnx 4 takin the time to view

And It's not the Sims game...

looks old.

animation and sounds suck

BronxBrother responds:

and it still got 2 stars..wow

OLD? Does 1930's Bugs Bunny cartoons look and sound old too? No they're brilliant

Animation has no age...but U do

Flash is great Story is Great Movie is a bit long.

BronxBrother responds:


9 minutes is long?

once again, another epic, and well-designed story by bronxbrother.
i liked teh story description, and the visual effects in this, cool work on drawing/designing mr. wyatt earp, and all the other characters, like clanton, kate, vurly bob and billy the kid.
i wont lie, i especially liked kate, and the part with her in the bath/bedroom. epic part!
but the movie also had a really good combination of beauty+action, and this is a rare thing to achieve.

so, you do nice middle/long sized movies, and with a good story+good graphics in them, so i think we have something really good coming up from you.

i really look forward to more of your works, you seem very good. keep it up!

BronxBrother responds:

thnx so much for the kind words....

And that Kate scene...WOW...sometimes magic just happens