DarkSouls II PS1 DeMake

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EDIT 3/1/15 Thanks for the FP Tom!

Western port of the hit Japanese classic Dark Souls II ONLY on the Playstation Home Console Entertainment System!

note: direct rip from YouTube. Sorry for the NON flash loader.

(yes the footage is supposed to be shitty. It is supposed to look and feel like a playstation 1 game at 320x240)

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Fuckin amazin. i am a HUGE fan of Dark Souls AND Final Fantasy AND PlayStation in general. So of course i would LOVE this.

That was a pretty cool idea, even though you used mostly sounds and imitations from FF7. I thought you were going to approach it in a Tomb Raider sort of way, but using FF mechanics is okay also.

pretty good remake!

I love Ps1/N64 derez'ing! So cool to see what these games would look like back in those days!

I can't ever remember a demake of any game that changed the fundamental gameplay style. You get 2 points for making the graphics and sounds reminicent of PS1, but the overall idea of this animation was flawed. That, and its not really funny or entertaining. Maybe try again without the turn-based focus.

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Jan 1, 2015
6:03 AM EST