Clean the Mess

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Author Comments

You are a robot named RWAIN (Robot WithoutAn Interesting Name). Humans have bad habit of throwing trash on ground. RWAIN has to collect the mess and clean the park.

Lets see what your stats say...


Humans are shy so sometimes they hide the trash in bushes and RWAIN can't collect them.


For such a basic game, there is has a large amount of lag. It is almost impossible to play the game due to the lag.
The medal works, and I earned it.

Okay, cool game! I love how this promotes a cleaner environment. The humans shouldn't be so glitchy- for example walking through the walls or throwing trash inside of the walls. The music is okay. It should have more medals, and also be longer. This is a fun game, but gets boring after a little bit. This game is definitely a good game, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

Mastergamez responds:

actually this game was made for someone in our school and was made in 3 days.... we did not wanted to do any changes so we just uploaded it on the site for fun... and to spread cleanliness

Very funny and entertaining. I really like the music, even though it's kind of short. The bugs - e.g. the people walking through the walls - are actually more fun than they are annoying. Nicely done.

This isn't good game.

Gameplay is boring, graphics aren't good and the music after few minutes becomes annoying.

I'm literally stuck between two walls at the beginning of the level 2, can't go on

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Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2014
11:38 AM EST
Skill - Collect