FT: Christmas Desire

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Ryan really wants to meet a beautiful girl, but all of his efforts are doomed to failure. Desperate he wrote a letter to Santa Claus, in which he asked to make a simple wish come true! However it’s not clear whether Santa Claus can help him?

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Four blowjob scenes and only one penetration scene?
And the one moan you get is during the cumming, which doesn't even work here because the one used shouldn't sound like that, given that her mouth is full.

Great Graphics Great gramplay 10/10 best libary

Nice idea and the girl was beautiful, but, these peep and stroke nonsense is boring. Some like that to play a horny watcher first, some not ... me too. ^^

The rest is good, location fits, text easy, sex scenes really sweet.

Only to short and not with much challenges, only the peeping tom - thing, in general. You make better games and longer, more with a right storyline.

That here is like Fuck Town - "Night Rest", just the next click and forget animation, good for a fast boner and for in gameplay with an unspectacular end. ^^

However, the woman was great, deserve a own series, 3 stars.

Cute girl, funky (fucky) body lines if a bit inconsistent (e.g. she suddenly gets beefy legs when she's down on the floor sucking to one side - the final scene), also she's a quick learner, and it's even an affecting little drama (weirdly quite romantic) .... all good, even "nice" ...

1) there's not really much for the player (clearly I don't mean Ryan) actually to do, once all that ol' dodging behind the bookstacks is over! Just to watch and put in a click every so often

2) as SilentWarSage said (probs others before too - haven't read 'em all), it could really do with some conclusion on top of the sperm spurting! (Tho thx for the New Year wishes splash that closes the proceedings :D )


She grins and stands up

They make another date - or fall out, if you prefer

She gets totally naked and climbs on top of him (comedy climax: he's totally jizzed out and in all senses shagged out, and she can't get any stiffness out of him ...)

The librarian walks in, with various possible outcomes

It'd be good to complete the story too, and not just stop at the spurt.

Having said all that, well done for what it is. You've hit a modest target! :D