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Skele Army Uprising(DEMO)

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Do you have what it takes to take down the bonemeal industry? This is a demo!

Thanks for viewing! This is my first game I started developing. I am currently working on a few other games, but I won't spoil them! I had some help with Sonik1. You might know him actually. Also, CREDITS IN GAME.

Sonik1's page: http://sonik1.newgrounds.com

Controls: SHIFT - jump
UP ARROW KEY - enter factory door
LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW KEYS - move left and right

Remember, this is a demo. Some of the themes are just placeholders! The demo was sort of rushed.

This demo is glitchy, I understand. I will try my best to fix those.


you coulda added jumping!

Cool game can't wait for a final release :)
SP00KY SCARY SKELETONS!!! 2awesome4me

Not bad. But.....well. At the other reviewers said,it needs major improvement. The controls aren't...right. Why is shift jump? That made it real hard to doge the boss. Speaking of which,if those red skeletons are running around,draining your health,why do you only get the gun when you fight him? There should be a gun or some kinda weapon,even your own FISTS. Not to punch the computer screen,but,those red devil skeletons. Shooting shouldn't be X,it should be left click. A and D to be should move. I have no problem with the up arrow key being to open doors,I've played enough Fancy Pants Adventures to not give a crap. The music is okay. That's about all I have to say.

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SkeleCO responds:

Again, this is not done yet. You find the gun in the factory and there really isn't any reason that the shift button being the jump button would make it hard to dodge the boss. Thanks for commenting though.

This is pretty okay, needs instructions and maybe give the player some direction.

overall it looks pretty good :)

Needs a lot of work. There's no explanation on controls work for this game (I do not know how to jump in this game), or any of the game mechanics like whats the point of the grey skeletons? How do you use them? Do you use them?. The musics not very good either. The music you used in the opening title screen was pretty good, but there's way to much going on in the rest of the songs I heard. Take the third song the one inside the building for example take out the mechanical sounds and the slamming sound on piano keys and you have a much better song in my opinion. I gave you something for putting some effort into making this game.

SkeleCO responds:

Yes, I am aware it needs lots of work. This is a demo, and it will have a lot of work done on it. Anyways, I didn't make any of the music for this game. But thank you for your honest opinion.

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1.92 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2014
11:16 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other