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How To Snowball

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Theres some strange glitching in the beginning. Tried to fix buuuut i couldnt...so...ANYWAY!! Happy Holidays everyone!

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The script and animation are top quality bro!! i cant wait to see more from you.

I feel bad that i never got the joy of playing in the snow.

Moral to this story:

Robots are dangerous. Don't teach them Child Activities.

CalebJordan360 responds:

Exactly lol

So bright with inspiration... What's not to love about it?

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you so much! :D

This was a very fun, and enjoyable animation. I see a lot of gross crap on New Grounds, but this was pretty good. It was some of the best stuff I have seen in a long time.

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you! Yeah, Newgrounds does kinda have a lot of vulgar and raunchy things..i like to give people options lol