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The Ultimate Dungeons&Morons.
3 puzzles so far but more to come.
You can ask for your puzzle, character or scene to be added to the game.
Send me a naked picture of your and I put you in the game too :)

All news and updates are on my Patreon Page:

This game is free to use on any website.


PS: There was a big bug in the Princess episode, but it's fixed and the 3 endings are available now.

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For full game hints - well, unlocking of all moves, actually, or as much as you need - don't read this, see Jeanioz last December 28.

Three constructive questions, then a summary;

1) Might it be better to have the three little game scenarios (the three planets) a bit connected, instead of a slightly disconnected three-pack?

Don't get me wrong - we've probably all done or attempted the megamassive games of infinite levels ("Phew!" he said at 8 in the morning, "I've now reached Level 34 ... and I am feeling bombed like a hollow crater in a warzone"). I am not necessarily suggesting level be piled on level here too, in another game quest to infinity, and beyond.

No, I meant more thematically. The three worlds play on, and make fun of, a vague "prince meets princess" theme. But it might be nice to have the same princess in three guises, for example. Good for integration of the meaning of the play, too.

2) Might it not be good to give some idea of what each game is striving towards - the goal of what you're aiming for?

Don't get me wrong (again): mystery is one of the key constituents of simple types of games. The main punctuation mark is not the "dot dot dot", not even the exclamation mark, but the question mark. The ? of: right, if I pull this, what does it lead to?

But what I mean is, it would add to the suspense, even excitement, certainly the purpose of each game if we had some general orientation message. For example (top one): "Virgin seeks ideal fuckmate", (middle one) "Princess Highastiffa tries to blow her way to a sympathetic tongue", (bottom game) "Prince Nerd seeks to rescue his Princess Damsel in Distress for a match made in heaven". The author, no doubt, would have snappier and funnier titles than these. But something to give a bit more point, and a pointer to what the goal is.

3) Would it be good to have a BIT more skill involved, and a BIT less luck (and especially, not quite so many game restarts - which can get a WEE BIT boring :D )?

I know the common "tradition" in point-clicky games is, if you happen to click any unlucky choice at any point, you get dumped right back to square 1 with a big fat GAME OVER. Which on average is likely to happen a lot since - with the exception of ingenious jokes like the oranges hidden on the virgin's chest - most of the onwards-or-doom results of clicks are fairly arbitrary, it's hard to see they are based on any deduction or need to spot/discover/learn something.

And okay .... these are short witty games, not meant very seriously. Where you know you are likely to get a ton of arrrrrgggghhhhh! GAME OVERs before you ever complete the quest. It's not serious - in the game, it is in life - if you keep getting flicked to doom, pulverised by a rock, take a trapdoor shortcut to the center of the earth, time and again.

But you can get too many doom blasts - even in a little game. (Not to mention life ...)

So what about, instead of boulders etc., Princess Pokemyhotass suffers the humiliation of getting felt up/fingered/poked by a pesky dork, the runt of the Indian tribe, whenever she takes a wrong option (through no fault of her own, which is the point)? Or at least has to do a naked ganginem dance for all the tribe? After which, shaking down her feathers and gathering her pride as best she can, she gets to continue the game with another option - Instead of the player unceremoniously being dumped out of the game yet again.

(Likewise, the prisoner could, say, get his nuts molested by a rat, suffer a rearending at the hands of a bald strongman fellow-prisoner, or whatever, the virgin could be taken by a rabbit, be paraded in the altogether in a rabbit peepshow ... basically the list is endless, but it beats the grim fate of yet another complete restart .... :D

Right, okay, as it stands, these games are jolly in their intended daft way, have more humor than most, are entertaining .... oh, and I like those blowjobs by the Indian Princess. V juicy. The monk action is almost as horny if you get that far (ask Jeanioz if all you are getting is grief and restarts).

It's a pity that in the Prison game, after the stage-by-stage striptease of the tragically shackled girl (is she a princess or not, btw?), we are teased by not getting the reward of seeing her thoroughly debauched!!!! .... you could still break off, Mr Pinku, and retain the twist at the end .... but anyway, .... as you see, some people are never satisfied ;)

Good work! Much humor, some considerable horniness, with modest means. Keep it up.

It gets annoying, when you have to start a world over.

It has some nice humor. These adventures are getting better and better.

Love your games, I get excited every time I see you releasing a new one, I just wish I could see a finished game from you.

A Great Game ;) Keep it up

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3.23 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2014
9:38 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click