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Fantasy Clicker

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Author Comments

The Dark Lord is invading and its the job of you, the fantasy hero who shall slay the lord. Click on the lord and send your minions to harvest all the gold out of the evil darkness.


Very slow paced and I really dislike games that replace your cursor

Took me 2 months of background play to finally get to the mountains. The mountain contains $1.0e12. Each day takes away about $1.0e8. Straight math show it will take about 9999 days to finish.

Right now new minions cost so much, while the benefits are negligible. That said, I will give it the benefit of of doubt and estimate though out game play it will double my money per day to $2.0 e8. That means 4499 days to finish. Also the goblin achievement and, as mention by others, property do not seem to work.


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After playing this game for 4 days (just kept it running in the background and brought some upgrades from time to time). I reached the graveyard (100.000.000 $) but no way that i will go on with it. It's just frustrating. And it doesn't even have something special. Sorry, but this absolutely slow gameplay is like an offense.

3, stars for the (never the less) solid game (no bugs found)
- 1, because it's simply no fun
- 0.5 because it's damage / 5sec (makes your game even slower)
- 0.5, because i couldn't found any explanation when the upgrades are unlocked and why i couldn't bought the special upgrades from the menu (and please don't tell me that i have to play trough the game several times to get them)

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Level 3 the forest has 100million gold.
100,000,000/250(damage)/25(clicks per second)=16000 seconds
16000 seconds is about 267 minutes is about 4.4 hours.
Assuming one has 250 click damage and a macro (The adobe flash can only handle about 25 clicks per second with the click effect on this game. 40 ms delay put into the macro avoided causing visible sign of the program slowing down.)

No flash game should take me over 4 hours to complete a single level. Obviously I can spend currency on increasing my rate but this is ridiculous.

I can't imagine how long graveyard and mountains would take.

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The game is ruined by the game pausing for a moment every time the progress bar finishes / the game is clicked / a unit is bought. This constant pausing not only makes clicking not an option which ruins the clicker side of the game but it also just makes the game annoying to even have going idle.

Outside of that, there is also a big problem with the game not greying out a unit if you don't have the money to buy it, so unless you want to be constantly looking at the gold required and the gold you have to know if you can purchase anything it is annoying.

Also general appearance wise just constantly looking at the same woman endlessly is lame, I don't even know if that character is meant to be the protagonist or if she is meant to be the "dark lord" enemy! Not even knowing such a basic thing is a really bad sign that your game needs some more thought put into it.

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Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2014
12:04 PM EST
Simulation - Other