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Dark Rolls

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Are you ready for of the most fiendishly challenging marble maze games you'll ever play?

Guide the blue marble through a ruined fantasy castle, where towering bridges and platforms arch over a thousand foot plummet into icy waters. This game will challenge you at every turn - it does not hold your hand but but those who persist will be rewarded!

Summon your courage and dexterity and try and make your way through the mazes and discover the secrets of Dark Rolls.

Only the strong survive!

Use the arrow keys to move your marble.

This game is also available at Google Play:

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why u still win a bonus life even if the timer runs out and says no bonus other than than its super great and fun and addicting i give 5 whole stars

hechaos responds:

Oops, that's a bug! Thanks for finding it, I'll look into it. Cheers for the review.

it's hard like dark souls and plays like a normal maze game.

hechaos responds:

Thanks, my friend!

This game is not bad when it comes to gameplay - in fact, I liked it gameplaywise.
But I really have to say that the graphics are much worse. Not that I really mind about graphics but tiles which are glitching through other tiles do not look so neat. You should really work at it.
BUT the levels themselves are fun and well-conceived! I had a lot of fun playing this!
However, you should work at "good-looking" leveldesign. Another example are those hills in the background, which are completely stretched out, so they are not looking very good..
And it could have been a little more shadier. I mean, that ball shines like a little star, but you can never really recognize this light source. You also could have implemented a - let's say - pitch-black level, where only your own ball is the only great light source and you have to slowly feel your way in the dark.
Now, enough with graphics and stuff - I still had a lot of fun playing this!

hechaos responds:

Hey , cheers for the detailed review! Definitely agree with you, the 3D is very basic and low-poly. This was my first foray into 3D and as such there's some real rough edges. Pitch black level would have been cool too. Because I'm only using Unity Free, there's not much in the way of shadows - if I ever get the pro version, I'd love to revisit it and try and add some polish.

Glad you had fun with the game anyway!

This is alot like Switchball on XBLA, I really enjoyed that game and this brings something new to the moving marble genre. Nice job and also nice job on the play on words for dark souls.

hechaos responds:

Thanks mate, appreciate the review! Glad you noticed the not-so-subtle Dark Souls reference :D

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2014
12:04 AM EST