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Arcose Discovered! 25 Points

People here are molecules

Gelbo Discovered! 25 Points

Earth-like Rogue-like place

Luud Discovered! 25 Points

Homeworld of creepy beigns

Metamor Discovered! 25 Points

Beware of sandstorms

Namek Discovered! 25 Points

Piccolo would be proud

Sun Discovered! 25 Points

Source of energy for all the beigns you know

Tritek Discovered! 25 Points

Some hot alien-chicks over here

Vegeta Discovered! 25 Points

Hometown of an incredible warrior called Kakarot

Yardrat Discovered! 25 Points

A nice sunset with 4 suns

Zoon Discovered! 25 Points

Not Zool, Genesis Game

Alien Destroyed! 50 Points

Take that, sucker!

All Planets Discovered! 50 Points

Your name is Star-Lord

Basic Upgrade 50 Points

Your ship is brand new!

Heavy Duty Upgrade 50 Points

A Tank in Space

High Speed Upgrade 50 Points

Travelling Withouth Moving

Author Comments

LAST UPDATE! 01/01/15

-Fixed "Gelbo" planet not extracting BLUE resources (Thanks Newgrundling!)
-Fixed resources not REFUELLING beyond 100%


-You keep resources after dying.
-Now you start next to a planet to extract resources and get a handful to get going.
-Alien doesnt spawn too fast after killing them.
-Alien ships cant damage you when upgrading your ship.
-Planets now have something like a "sonar system" to easier access.

-Half damage from aliens and asteroids
-Ship health doesnt decrease when flying
-Upgrades are now cheaper
-Fuel usage decreased


Universe is a simple game where you have to discover planets through the universe.

There are some hazards around so you have to gather resources from discovered planets and improve your ship to survive.

Return to your Space Station for Upgrades!

UP & DOWN - Foward / Back
LEFT & RIGHT - Rotate

Z - Hold to repair your ship (needs Yellow resources)
C - Hold to refuel your ship (need Green resources)

M - To mute
F - To Fullscreen

I made this game after watching a trailer of No manĀ“s sky and impose myself a rule: dont make a shooter game.

Thanks to Wren (Alexander Petrov Sanchez) for this awesome music.

Thanks to Noid Hunter for the cover art.

Thanks to Abraham Monroy for helping me in some stuff (ISS has his name)

If you want to check more games please go to www.jupitron.com.ar!

Send some words @jupitron or contact@jupitron.com.ar

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I OFFICIALLY HATE this game. The controls for the ship are sluggish, the ship turns about as fast as a turtles FART! and then there's the HUGE MOTHER FREAKING ALIEN VESSELS THAT ARE NOT ONLY FASTER AND MORE MANEUVERABLE THAN YOU, BUT THEY HAVE WEAPONS AND YOU DON'T! Seriously how in f***K are you supposed to gather materials??

The game's ok, but...

-How am I supposed to deal with the aliens when I can't shoot and can't outrun them?

-I need to be able to buy fuel from the space station. By the time I extract elements from the nearby planet, the aliens find me. The resources regenerate too slowly for it to be an effective refueling station.

-Faster repair would be nice, especially when you're at full throttle heading back to the space station to try to get the aliens off your tail.

This game definitely has potential, tho.

Great concept, soothing game that I enjoyed playing. Some thoughts / rough edge observations:

- Gelbo's blue units don't seem to add to blue resources when extracting despite removing blue resources from planet Gelbo..

- Why can I not hold C to refuel beyond 100 fuel even when my denominator is greater?

- Besides being a mechanic to avoid "shooting," why does the ship leave footprints in space, and why do these track marks damage enemies?

- Is it intentional that the speed upgrade / max fuel of 250 gets nerfed when you purchase the other spaceship upgrades? I now travel slower again and have a lower max fuel of 150... After beating the game I came back and was able to apparently re-buy most of the upgrades multiple times without any impact. This seems unintentional an unintuitive.

Good game, I enjoyed playing, thank you for sharing.

jupitron responds:

Hi Newgrundling, ive just uploaded a new version with those fixes, thanks a lot for playing!

You need the ability to pause so I can go to the john without fucking dieing. Other than that, not bad.

jupitron responds:

Sorry zoltek, ill fix it!

great gameplay, but difficulty is killing all players.

jupitron responds:

Hi Galoki, ive uploaded a new version with some tweaks, itll be awesome if you can try it again.