Snowball Attack

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Defeat all the burning stones with snowballs! Your village is full of this kind of burning stones.

You have a limited number of snowballs to shot at the same time.

Aim with your mouse & click left mouse button to shot against the stones.


Looks like the glowing coals are immune to the snow if hit at the very top with an angle of +/- 5°. Hitting them in the middle the snowballs just spring of, while targeting there left or right side damages them. I could imagine that you missed that case in your taking-damage-routine.
In addition the snowballs some times bugged into the rotation objects. At least they didn't got stock, but should have a look if you can fix that.

And i have to agree with the reviewer before me. being able to shot so many snowballs feels wrong. Of cause you could design some levels were this feature is needed in some kind of puzzle but till now the special twist in your game is missing.

Just fucking awful level design, and an awful game because the games design was built around the levels, instead of the levels being built around the game mechanics.

Games like these are supposed to be about calculating and angling your shots, and usually you have a limited amount of shots you can take. It feels like you designed all these levels, but when you actually went to play them it was impossible, so you made all the balls reusable so you could just spam your way through it.

If you have a game like this were the goal is to go through trial and error to get all the things right, and to get more balls to use they have to reach the bottom of the level, YOU DON'T MAKE THE PLATFORMS HORIZONTAL. In ANY game where your progress is fed by an item you shoot, and you can't replenish and lose because of it, it's BAD DESIGN. In any "puzzle game" where the obstacle is the game or level itself and the players intelligence and ability to figure it out isn't, IT'S BAD DESIGN. A game where the mechanics themselves hinder the players in ANY way is BAD DESIGN. In a genre where the games mechanics and level design are the most important aspects of the game itself, if at either time one (in this case both) of these don't work, YOU GO BACK AND FIX IT, you redesign it so it's an actual challenge and actually fun, instead of just releasing it because it's vaguely playable.

TL;DR: Bad design in pretty much every aspect. Not worth your time.

Not bad. But i would have to say that in Peggle one can score points via direct hits. This game doesn't allow one to do that.

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2.53 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2014
6:04 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail