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The Fight Before Christmas

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Merry Christmas, Newgrounds! This was fun to make, and had a bit of time put into it. This is my first time trying to do some fight animation. I think it turned out pretty good. I actually started this last year for Christmas but didn't get around to finishing it until last month. Yeah, I kinda held off on releasing it for a while, heh. Since I started it last year, the art and animation gets better toward the end, so hopefully you can get through the slow beginning to see the action and new stuff!

This will be my last toon for the year, except for my part in the sketch collab, if it is released this year, heh. Lots of stuff planned for next year but the beginning might be slow.

Also there's a bunch of eastereggs in this, one of them is even click-able!

Feedback is appreciated, but most importantly enjoy!

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lmao, not holding back on the potential controversy at all! XD Was just thinking you might get some negative reviews on that... but anyway, skin color preconceptions disconsidered (or I guess it'd be impossible to, since those preconceptions are what the pun is all about...) it was fun! Animation's smooth and fluent, even if the character keeps growing smaller and bigger and not always looking very material. Also: found that Madness Test. :P Nice work; looking forward to next year!

artistunknown responds:

The funny thing is that it's not even racist, "Santa" isn't even black, as his face can clearly be seen. he's just wearing brown gloves and Wise Frog is an idiot. Wise Frog's racist, yeah, but that's just him.

I'm glad you thought the animation was smooth. Yeah, I need to work on my proportions, the character that's acting as Santa though is a shape shifter so I could just claim that that's why his shape is inconsistent, that or because FrogMan beat him up so bad that his body got mangled :3

Nice job finding that easteregg. I made that animation test for Madness day to see how well I could handle a frame by frame madness animation because there aren't enough of those. I never released it though so I thought I'd include it as an easteregg in this.

I'm not sure what next year will bring, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for the review!

thats just racist man im black even though you do good drawings but no

Scruffy for President! Chocolate shooting gun!

Also, hooray for blood'n gore!

artistunknown responds:

Scruffy will be in everyone's hearts soon. Glad you caught that easteregg ;3

Animated blood is fun, it's really something to get to animate a guy's head getting smashed with a baseball bat.

Thanks for the review!

Pretty damn funny at the end! Keep it up! :)

artistunknown responds:


This is messed up. I love it!

This one guy said it took him seven months to make his animation. How long did it take you?

Also what's that frogs problem?

Oh I get it. That's pretty funny. I don't think his head is a pumpkin tho.

artistunknown responds:

I didn't keep track of how long this took to make since I started it last year and got maybe half of it done, but I'd say maybe 3 weeks. Didn't take more than a month, that's for sure. My drawings are pretty simple though, so that's why it doesn't take me too long to make a short ;3

Which frog? If it's Wise Frog, he's just racist, don't mind him ;3 If it's FrogMan, I don't know, I'm sure he has tons of problems though.

Thanks for the review!