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The Exit-Interview

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James Franco and Seth Rogen are about to learn that there are worse things that can happen to your movie than have it removed from theatres.

This video is currently uploading to YouTube and will be at;

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yeah dont listen to haters hit me up I wanna collab with you after seeing your real good animations we can do 50/50 of work or how ever you collab this was really funny and great animation with movement

What happened to dead4, also i thought this was pretty funny

Some how this was more annoying than Seth Rogan.

MickeyMitch responds:

Thankyou for your support.

art bad. animation.. ok. jokes awful. voice acting? non exisistant. all in all the only reason this smoldering pile of feces hit the front page is because you picked a hot button issue and did 30 minutes of work. please stop.

MickeyMitch responds:

Shit I wish I read this earlier so I could have saved a lot of time on the animations I've uploaded since.

If only I read your words sooner. Because I do everything the internet tells me to do!

Damn you, cruel world! Damn you!

Seriously though, dude. Stop telling people to stop. Point out what is shit, and tell them to improve. This was my first animation and your first instinct was to say 'stop'? I'd love to read your comments on YouPorn, that'd be entertaining af.

Voice actoring and animation definitely could have used some improvement.

Must agree with Ericho. Everyone would found it awesome if it was Jar-Jar Binks. You could expanded a little more on that.

I found the rest of the jokes completely unoriginal.
"My hands are tied." and the guy's hands are literally tied? Come on, you can come up with better stuff than that.

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3.69 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2014
7:11 AM EST