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Through the Woods

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Run, jump, and climb your way through a forest filled with creepy spiders and huge trees.
After a helicopter crash separates you, you must do your best to survive the horrors of the Woods

I have updated the game now, and have fixed the horrific sound issues that were happening.
I also removed the note system, and did some mild highlighting on pieces of environment you can stand on.


Decent game. Solid controls. Fall damage was a bit silly imo but its w/e. Doesn't make me hurt to play so thats a good sign.

PandoricaVWorks responds:

Thanks for the review!

I enjoyed playing this game. I felt the premise was good and I liked wandering through the woods. In reading your comments it said you were a student and this was your first game, good work for a first game!

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PandoricaVWorks responds:

Thanks so much!

Great game! The atmosphere of the game was excellent and the controls were fantastic.

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Love the notes! I'm a pretty poor player, so they really helped me know what to do!

Pretty nice work! o:
I'm really impressed that you've gotten to make such a variety of games in such a short amount of time! The sprites look nice as well as the cover art! o: Pretty sweet premise as well.

- add a variety of jump noises for the character, or take it away entirely, only to leave impact sounds for the jumps (seems really repetitive when the game revolves around platforming)
- Adjust the background stumps so that they're more obviously the background. I think I saw a few objects in the foreground that looked like surfaces I could stand on when they were supposed to be background sprites. (for example the stumps that you stand on when you first encounter a spider) At times I run into really tall trees that I assumed I could jump or walk past, so a simple fix would be to desaturate and darken the things that are meant
- WILHELM SCREAM HAS TO GO. lol I audibly groan every time I hear it PLEASE :V
- Rewards for the player could benefit your project and add replay value. Achievements of some kind or collectibles would work here on newgrounds, too!

Some bugs I've come across:
- multiple death screams play if the player is run over by a spider, sounds really freaky but one would do.

Looking forward to seeing the other projects you cook up for these courses!
Keep it up! c:

PandoricaVWorks responds:

Sab, it's updated! Try it out again pls!

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2014
2:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle