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You are the bottom feeding scum of the universe. Can you survive the onslaught of debris as you try and make it big in this dark, cold universe?

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how I could improve this game. I've really enjoyed working on this project and would love to hear any comments or criticism you might have. Thanks! ~nr

UPDATE: It looks like Newgrounds has issues with right-clicking, so I've updated the game to use the space bar instead of right-clicking until I can figure it out!
UPDATE JAN 5, 2015

-Reduced hazard speed increments between waves by 20%. This should help players warm up more easily to the pace of the late-game

-Reduced size of large hazards (large asteroids and house). This reduces some of the issues players have establishing depth in the game.

-Updated icon

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This is a great game that I've been playing in 2 game spurts between news articles. The speed burst and target collecting is super satisfying. The music and sound give me a nice immersive feeling like I'm in the space ship, in space. The collection sounds are hilarious and it makes me want to play more to get to the higher levels and reveal what new things I can collect AKA salvage and what they will say when I collect them. I love being able to collect with my mouse or with my ship.

If I could have the author change anything I would just say that at the later waves I'm having trouble telling when my salvage ship is too close to an asteroid that I'm trying to dodge before I smash into it.

Overall this is an addictive game that supplies an intruguing mood and the beginnings of an awesome space universe.

Overall this was a pretty fun game. I love the graphics, and how focus is placed on asteroids/items/etc within your path, while the rest of the field spirals around you like the tunnel, the spaceship blasting a path further on. It reminds me of oldskool 3D games (the fake 3D kind, that used rotating flat sprites to emulate a 3D effect), but here some of those flat sprites are flipped around anyway.

Music's catchy, and the idea's great, but the controls don't feel the most response. Also, those chunks of rock coming towards you are huge, feels like they take up a much larger portion of the playing field than they'd need to take. It does add to the challenge, and makes you percieve the ship as so much smaller and more fragile, but IMO it lowers that level of 'fun' a bit with it. Anyway, overall: nice game! Keep up the great work!


norhythm responds:

Thanks for the quality feedback! I think because I played it so many times it started to feel too easy which is part of why the asteroids ended up being as large as they are, so, lesson learned :) I'm taking a short break from this game to work on another over the Christmas holidays but check back in January and I'll have fixed some things.

Fantastic work!

I assume the cash counter implies that there will eventually be skill or ship upgrades for the player to purchase, which would be a great addition. I suggest making that exploding planet look more like a habitable one than a red giant so the houses, animals, and people being part of the debris make more sense. Otherwise, it's difficult to connect the two and, at first, it's not clear that those things are actually from the planet that just exploded.

It still needs some minor polish and that context menu is a bit of a pain, unfortunately, but this has a ton of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

norhythm responds:

Thanks so much for the feed back! I've made a note and will be updating the game early in the new year.

As a man fond of ramming into things, this game satisfies me in a very meaningful way.

One of the best space-smashers of 2014. Bravo!

norhythm responds:

One of?? How many are there D:

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3.14 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2014
12:13 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail
  • Daily 5th Place December 20, 2014