1800s (V1)

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Author Comments

*A Mobile version of this game is in the works, ALL of the your previous / Future comments will be taken into account to make sure the game can be as good as it can be, So future ideas will help. Thanks*

Set in the mid 1800's during the industrial revolution, you get to run and maintain your own factory by employing workers and upgrading the machines. All machines are replicas.

Please remember this game is NOT finished, thanks


An update a lot of you have been waiting for, you can now sell your machines! Please let me know if you find any bugs about this.

P.s, the repair all cost is still bugged, it's a strange one.. anyway, if you have the required cost to repair all the machines you can still repair them but you will not be charged.

Update (20/12/14)
Management menu added, press (T) or click on the small Icon (with a head on) below player info, in this menu you can repair all your machines and aid your workers.

Also a settings button added

Note: I am aware about the repair all bug, at the moment despite spending say... £1000, the repair will not work, though if you have around £2000+ the repair will work. Little busy today so fix should be on


Only basic saving works at the moment, player Info is saved but machines are not

WASD keys move camera, Left click to select machine. P to add Power, M to Toggle Music

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splendid work young lad ... what i noticed tho .. if i have say 5,500 .. i press R to repair the machines , so it does .. but my money stays the same 5,500.

i have some suggestions also ... water wheels and water fall generators , transport , a dock/shipyard and a place where workers could buy some extra food .. like a cafeteria or whatever ..

also combustion engines would be awesome in later times

Rycky responds:

Thanks mate, Yeah the repair bug is something which I was originally going to fix but lost motivation for updating it and thus it came to a standstill. Having a separate building with a dock was actually a plan as an extension to the game.. granted that I was to carry on with it. Either way, Cheers mate

Not sure if this is a bug in the game or just not understanding how it works....but the furnace does not add power.

Rycky responds:

If you have both coal miners and a furnace, the power will rise.. Or atleast slow it down if you only have low level furnaces and coal.

I love to be able to adjust the camera speed. Awesome!

How to get all luxury items in a reasonable amount of time: Once you can start to afford it, spam the Worker Health button, especially when upgrades start costing a lot and you have to slow down expansion. Worker Health cost remains a flat 50000, and can double or triple (or more) your income if you buy enough of it. It's almost a game-breaker, except that the game would be rather slow to finish without it, so actually (for me), it was a game-saver.

Overall, great concept, excellent use of music, decent controls, okay balance. Some of the game concepts were a bit unrealistic or over-simplified, such as workers and income/expenses. For an idle game, though, such over-simplifications are forgivable; but there's lots of room for improvement.

Rycky responds:

Thanks, as this game first started out as an idle game it still has alot of aspects of that, overtime it will start to get more and more like a simulation though. Cheers

I may be unfair to this game. But after 10 times in a row having information that my workers get il when I invested 100000 in healthcare and cath all rats, You must forgive me.

Rycky responds:

Everytime you invest £50,000 to the healthcare, your profit will increase each time, aiding healthcare does not have an effect on the random events. as for the rats, one only requires one purchase to stop the rats for a time.

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2014
2:56 PM EST
Simulation - Other