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TreasureBird in Dreamland

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Treasure Bird in Dreamland is a 2d platformer set in a fantasy world. The hero of the story is Raum, a magical crow who has been tasked to steal treasure. As Raum you will travel to lands inspired by mythology, Valhalla, Olympus, Shangra La, and others, to steal treasure from the castles of kings. The game is heavy on exploration, and harkens back to the classic 2d platformers of yesteryear. Hidden across it’s vast vertical panoramas are rubies that need to be collected to advance to the next stage as well as all manner of gems, coins, and treasure chests. Your quest will not be easy as all manner of strange demons, slime creatures, and traps will block your path. Can you make your way to the massive final boss and achieve your redemption? Why does a crow want treasure? You will have to hone your platforming skills if you want to find out!

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treasurebird is adventures

Well, even though I did like this game, I find Mr. Pig's Great Escape to be superior in design: the challenge is clearer, design is more mindful, and even though it is harder it is less frustrating, thanks to the lack of a life system. The overall game, in my opinion, is better executed. However, that's understandable, since this game is much more ambitious, with it's open levels and environments, so I wouldn't say Mr Pig is necessarily a better game. Though the art is better here, the visual feedback can be really terrible at times. Distinguishing between foreground and background is a pain, but that can be fixed with a simple tint in the tile art. Also, given the size of the levels, restarting can be a bit annoying at times, and since it is no easy game, losing all your lives and having to restart the whole thing is even worse. I would rather have losing a life send you to a checkpoint, and losing all of them to the beginning of the level, or perhaps ditch the life system, but all of this would require a whole level redesign.
This game has a lot of potential, which I hope is fully unleashed for the desktop version. Best of lucks for that!

Great game! Will be there a difference of this online version and the download version?

PXLFLX responds:

Thanks! Yes, I want to add more diversity, more levels, more stability, more music, play mechanics, game features, and more if I can ever get a desktop/mobile build off the ground.

Good Review:A 2d scrolling platformer , with good graphic, good song, that the point is not to save the annoying princess. Really fun even if there a bit of a dark theme with the crow.The difficulties is not just too easy so there still a challenge .The music remind of good old 8bit game.This game look to be a full game.

Bad Review:The flying's sound can become annoying after a while but the gameplay surpass it so it still enjoyable.

PXLFLX responds:

Thanks for the feedback and high score!

Not bad, in fact, I like it, but it has some mayor flaws:
1-It would be nice to have a jem counter.
2-I can't tell when some things are background or solid.
3-Enemy hitbox is bullshit, sometimes I have to hit the center of the head and others just somewhere atop of it, I just can't tell.
4-Do coins do anything or just give points? they seem kinda useless
6-The statue on the border seems pretty much solid, but it is not, would be nice to make backgrounds easier to see, unless that is a purpose of the game

PXLFLX responds:

Thanks! There is a gem counter, It's right beside the score. Every area has 7 gems and the counter starts at 7 and counts down. I may revise some of the background tiles to help distinguish them from the foreground, especially the pointing statue.

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4.52 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2014
10:44 AM EST