Got Milk?

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In an attempt to raise awareness, this animation depicts the all too familiar tragedy many face worldwide every day; waking up to a lack of milk.
Heavily inspired by Chris O'Neill (OneyNG)'s Trash Hazard - Leo and Satan
Music - Leo's Death by Chris O'Neill
- Wolf by Tyler, The Creator

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haha yep I know that feeling lol) in hard times without milk water works lol, its not as flavourful though lol)

It's all about the context baby. The song just brings it, one of the best uses of a song in a flash. We've all been there.

This is just too accurate. My life in a minute.

I liked it, but i was totally waiting for him to freak out and flip the table (One of my favorite things to see maybe because I like violence) other wise it was good enough to bring me to comment. Maybe give him a twitch at the end. Thanks!

Usually animations have the happy ending after the credits, you know? :O Though good thing you mentioned 'based on true story' thing before the after-credit short! I was expecting a shower of milk to rain down from the heavens btw, in the final moment, or a cow to walk in, or a lactating lady or... something. But this was truly 100% authentic! Nicely done.


MoustacheButler responds:

Hahaha, thanks man

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2014
4:27 AM EST