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The Adventures Of Homie

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Now you see homie is your ordinary guy and this is kind of the stories of his life. This is the first one i animated. I'm not satisfied with it. It's taken from a comic created The Sebring Team which I am part of. But any way watah and enjoy this adventure and if there is a good rerspones you may see new adventures like 'Homie's Adventure through the wind sheild and Or 'Homie's adventure and the golden Lama' but that all depends on this....... anyway enjoy

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As If Poo Wasnt For Everyone??

Stick this poo in another locker (or in the Scat Collection). Not that is sucked, but i cant stand. I thought this was about a Gangsterouss Stickman who kills people, like Ray!


oh my poo! lolz
keep on bro

Hey, thas good, man!

Who put this poo in my locker? Man, you never answered that. But it's good. Nearly just as good as the Adv. of Miguel & Perry, here on Newgrounds! After you watch this, you should watch that. Word?

ill give ya credit for da style

listan man its original....but it aint funny at all!
poor humor man!

This has crap all over it...literally.

You must be about 8 years old dude. This was so not funny. Poop humor is soooo elementry school. The graphics were "shit" and so was the sound.
Anybody reading this review who hasn't seen the movie, don't waste your time, there are better movies to watch.