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-You can't spam attacks, watch your endurance.
-Try to attack after dodging the monster attack
-Monsters CAN hit other monsters (when there are 2 at once)
-There are 2 save points in each level.

I made this when Dark Souls was trendy, it was supposed to have a story with a village and stuff too but like a lot of things with this game it was just too hard for me to make it good at the time.
It has cool rainstorms and nights though, with those zelda ocarina of time fireflies, dank as fuk m8 (keep reloading the level to get the right weather)

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esta tuco el juego

What the hell is this? Your character literally pauses before and after EVERYTHING. Jumping, attacking, special moves, being hit, everything. You attack successfully, your character pauses and you take a hit. You try to dodge, the controls won't respond in time. Yes, I got to the point where I could premeditate attacks and read patterns, but it was more of a chore than it was fun. Your physics should try to have some sort of similarity to real life - you should be able to take running jumps without that stupidly long pause. You should be able to run away immediately after attacking. Or if you want to make it less realistic, at least allow the player to run away after being hit by the first attack in a combo, since I really hated the damage delay leading to me losing half of my health from a single attack. Not to mention, mana was almost entirely useless aside from being able to use a special attack twice between each checkpoint, and stamina had a tendency to run out completely after just about any action. Perhaps the stamina gauge should deplete slower but also recover more slowly, as is the case with pretty much every other game made.

The boss in the first stage loves to use that platform-creating attack which does nothing except slow down the gameplay. The first enemy of the second stage will frequently hit you because you press the down button in time, but your character decides not to respond fast enough. Half of the time you do a stabbing attack when you want to do a slash, or a slash when you want to do a stabbing attack, and the longer delay of the stabbing attack gets you killed frequently. Moreover, everything is so slow that any little bit that you have to redo feels more like a chore than fun.

I like the idea and I like the mechanics, but everything is clunky beyond belief. This game may be possible to beat but it's impossible to enjoy. The clunky animation just increases the effect, while the graphics are simple but still lacking completeness, as the linework is not filled in with detail. The choice between the bow and sword is also fairly pointless, since neither weapon responds very well at all.

I have no idea how you managed to make the mechanics so poor for this game. It's practically unplayable. I have a feeling if the delay were intentional, you would have made it smaller yourself. As-is, I think you should look into coding a system that allows movements with no delay, and then add in a variable that creates a delay so that you're in control of it. I don't know if it's that your game lags or that the game keeps waiting for animations to finish or what, but the controls need to be smoothed out badly. It's a small problem in comparison with the rest of the game but it's game-breaking. I have no idea how you bug-tested this and got a working demo up without realizing how broken it is.

WoofyGames responds:

The delay before pretty much every single thing is indeed intentional and part of the gameplay, the idea is that you need to observe the enemies and think before each action as if it is a bad or greedy idea you'll probably get punished for it. That's basically Souls games combat, although they have a lot more weapons, attacks and monsters so I suppose it feels much less like a chore than this.

Part of the stutterness you experienced could also be because of lag since it the game is really poorly optimized, and I wanted a day/night system and rain for some reason which make the game lag immensely.
I like the real speed/delay of attacks, but I agree that the jump could be more responsive.

About the mana system, yea it is pretty much use your skill 2 times before each checkpoint, but you can restore it by blocking attacks as well, the point is that you save your magic attack for that one enemy you hate as a joker.

About the first boss platform attack (Megalith), im also not satisfied with how it works, when I first thought about them the platforms were supposed to allow the player to make him climb some kind of stairs of platforms and letting him perform a plunging attack on the boss for extra damage once they got to the highest platform. Turns out it was harder to make than I thought and I also decided to set aside advanced sword plays like that as I implemented new weapons into the game to not base the game too much around the sword. Anyways it is pretty terrible right now as you've said, if you don't react instantly and end up on the wrong side of it you just lose a shitton of time.

Thanks for the review!

Well this is far better than I thought it would be. Above par. A good start. Please continue to make this a masterpiece.

amazing game that captures the demons souls feeling... :D
altho getting past the first 3 mobs might be hard as hell at first once u get the hang of it its actually pretty easy... and then u effing trow 2 mobs at once XD such demons souls...
o are you getting cocky? well lets trow more shit at you then... see how well you do now I LOVE IT!!!

WoofyGames responds:

I introduce the first 3 mobs one by one so you can analyze them before getting gangbanged by 2 at once later on :P

tx for the review glad to see a Souls fan enjoyed this!

It's alright. W is jump, not Z. You have Z listed in the tutorial, which is a bit confusing.

WoofyGames responds:

oh yea.. I got confused because of my stupid french keyboard