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Save the Earth - The incr

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Author Comments

Hover over the aliens (or click if autoclick is turned off) to earn resources and XP.
Every level will grant you a Research Point that you can use to buy Researches.
Plan carefully what researches are you going to buy. At what point you buy them may have a big impact on your income.
Percentage based researches will autoupdate but multipliers will multiply your current number affected by sequences and more. Research wisely!

You can export/import your game in the menu. In case of wipe there’s a copy of the export in a cookie called cookieSTE that updates every hour.

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What the heck is a filcher?

ZakoGames responds:

It's an alien ship that gives a big bonus per time you click on it.

Very addictive, gotten to rank 18 RpS of 2.7 quadrillion, also nice touch with the gateway choosing near the end.

Only thing id want to see, would be maybe a Gateboss when choosing gates or a boss each second or third time enemy type changes, would give a nice break in monotony.
Anyway great game =)

ZakoGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback! As soon as we finish our new game, we will update this one.

That export feature is something I haven't seen in a game in a long time, pretty useful! I appreciate all the options in this game especially, even if the game itself isn't that advanced (also didn't know about that Unity bug - good knowing).

The graphics are nice and crisp, and the gameplay easy to get the hang off, though it still feels somewhat monotone. Maybe it's the lack of response, how each UFO just fades - no aswesome explosion, confetti flying on level up, etcetc, not such a 'visible' reward. Visuals on the spaceships you click crashing are good though! There are plenty of upgrades, and I haven't had the opportunity to explore them all yet, but in the initial phases I'm not really getting addicted, apart from visual reward I'm not sure what's missing, but I guess it's something. Keep up the good work though!


ZakoGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We are working on a new game right now, but as soon as it's finished we plan on doing an update to this one. We will try to get more visual feedback and revamp the gameplay a bit.

Great game, although a bit difficult once you get to Mortar.

ZakoGames responds: