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A Christmas Quest

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Alchemy 5 Points

Hold 10 potions.

BELIEVE IN SANTA!!!!! 5 Points

Defeat an enemy, while having full health.

Candy 5 Points

Buy the Candy cane weapon.

Elf 5 Points

Defeat your first enemy.

Gingerbread 5 Points

Beat a Gingerbread man enemy.

Gomba 5 Points

Isn't this copyright infringement?

Greeny 5 Points

Buy the Green armour.

Happy Christmas 5 Points

Start Playing

It's dangerous to go alone, take this. 5 Points

Equip a new weapon.

Lets do dis 5 Points

Reach level 10 and unlock the boss battle.

Skills 5 Points

Use a skill point to increase a stat.

Snape 5 Points

Buy a potion.

Snowy 5 Points

Defeat a snowman enemy.

This Game is Stupid 5 Points

Lose a battle.

Waddle 5 Points

Defeat a penguin enemy.

Badass Santa 10 Points

Reach level 15.

Black Hat 10 Points

Buy the best Amour.

Golden 10 Points

Buy the best weapon.

You Saved Christmas! 25 Points

Defeat the Santa Clone!

Golden Astronaut 50 Points

Find the Golden Astronaut token.

Author Comments

Update May 2020: Hey everyone! I'm really excited to announce that my first *real* game "VIEW FROM BELOW" is out on Steam now ! It's funny, emotional, and anime-ish ! And actually good , LOL !

* AVAILABLE NOW * - > https://store.steampowered.com/app/1208760/View_From_Below/


This is a little light RPG game I put together over the last few days for Christmas. It features 5 weapons, 5 pieces of armour, 10 battles, a boss fight, 3 upgrade-able player stats anddddd 20 NG medals.

Each time you level up you earn a skill point, which can be used to improve your attack, defence or max health.

Every time you win a battle, you'll also earn coins which can be used to buy different weapons and armours- which will give you attack and defence bonuses respectively.

The higher your level is, the more special attacks you'll be able to use each battle.

Thanks for playing, and happy holidays!

If you need a hint to unlock the Golden Astronaut medal, you can find one here -> http://www.boxrocketgames.com/golden-astronauts.html


Follow me on Newgrounds - http://08jackt.newgrounds.com/follow

Facebook - http://facebook.com/boxrocketgames

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/08jackt

Twitter - https://twitter.com/08jackt



-Special attacks swing 2x as long as normal attacks

-Each swing there's a 1/5 chance of missing

-Each hit, there's a 1/10 chance of it being a critical hit

-Critical hits do 2x as much damage

-Once you reach level 10, potions are free

-When fighting the boss, make sure you have 10 potions

*Fixed skill point bug

*Made boss fight slightly easier

*Changed the game from being automatic to having a turn based system + added special attacks

*Made some big balancing changes

*Fixed 4th weapon attack value typo

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It has become a Christmas tradition for me to play this game every year. Because nothing screams Christmas spirit like watching Santa beat a dead elf with a stick. Funny and cute, and not too easy to beat.

Fun game. All I got left for medals is to fail the game on purpose.

Took some grind to start getting up to the required levels for the boss fight but... in the end it was pretty fun after all. A variety of upgrades to go through, and balanced amount of EXP/gold, though what a shame if you bought some potions before the final level. :P Nice work.

Should probably have played this during Christmas some year...


Short little game, with nice pacing.. Would recommend.

nice short rpg. but i belive Golden Astronaut help link is broken tho.