Hexa Shift

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22 Pointer 5 Points

Reach a hexagon value of 22 points.

Score 850 5 Points

Score 850 points or more.

23 Pointer 10 Points

Reach a hexagon value of 23 points.

Score 900 10 Points

Score 900 points or more.

24 Pointer 25 Points

Reach a hexagon value of 24 points.

Score 950 25 Points

Score 950 points or more.

25 Pointer 50 Points

Reach a hexagon value of 25 points.

Score 1000 50 Points

Score 1000 points or more.

Author Comments

Take over hexagons by placing higher valued hexagons next to them, play against up to three computer controlled opponents in this basic strategy game.

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This seems to be a remake/copy/steal of an earlier game posted years ago on Newgrounds but that one had 1 and 2 player options and used blue and red. Im looking for it but can't find it yet.

This game is somewhat of a troll in that what appears at first to be a strategy game instead is more a casino game. Go ahead and put this in casinos and require people to get > 850, 900, 950, and 1000 points to cash out and watch that casino rake in the money on this one.

Anything lower than 10 is just awful, but particularly when it's giving you such fine numbers as 3 and 1 while meanwhile the computer gets 15 and 19. It's mostly down to luck of the numbers it gives you.

There is no effective strategy here at all (for obtaining any of the high score medals) other than don't just plop them down willy-nilly and do try to protect what's already there and take what you can, but it's still not even close to enough because in the end the luck element is the only thing which might ever grant you those medals.

Is it trivially easy to beat the computer player in points at the end? Yes. But that doesn't get you a medal or anything. Game is like 0.0001% skill, 99.9999% luck if you want all medals. Or even if you just want that 850 points medal sheesh!

It's simple and I'm a big fan of simple games. However, as many people have stated already the random element of the tiles make hard to create a effective strategy. This also makes getting the point medals exceedingly difficult. Personally I like the challenge.

I don't agree that the randomness gets in the way of strategy - games with random elements can still be strategic. But I think the sheer size of the board makes it overwhelming. It's very hard to see how your first few moves are going to affect the endgame. A 10 or 15 tile board, maybe even just 5 tiles, could make for an interesting puzzle, since you could actually think several moves ahead.

There's a major problem with your power being random every turn. There's practically no strategy left. If players could manage their flow of power (bide their time vs. more points right now) it would actually be fun.

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3.28 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2014
11:19 AM EST
Strategy - Other