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Smurfs,Stephen Hawking, Dancing girls and Anime. What more could u want in a movie? Been getting good reveiws for this-ppl really like it. Anyway write a reveiw chekkout my other movies if u like this! Or if u want my friends Zoro ginger_jays and RoR have movies posted on NG too so chekkout theres!

Daily top 5 wow! thx everyone!

OMG! its daily feature!!!!! I LOVE U ALL!

Because ur all so great i made some credits:) with my logo:) so now u dont have to ask me the song-its at the end of the movie! Thx again!

update: well it seems my 3 weeks are are almost up. with over 700 votes and over 130 reveiws i am very plzed.:) thank you to all the people who voted and reveiwed (good and bad) if i can ask a favour plz be sure to check out SUPE SHS, it wud be greatly appreciated also if u wud like a song made int an SHS video Email me! thx again. yay! Joxa

PS i spend a lot of time in the BBS so cmon and chat!



It's not that it wasn't good, it's that this movie didn't really catch my attention. It's obvious that you're inspired by the works of Neil Cicierega and other animutation artists, but as much good stuff you put into this flash, it became repetitive after a while. Try to loosen it up by following loose, nonsencical "storylines" (the claymation airplane in Hyakugojyuuichi is the best analogy I can make) instead of just a bunch of sprites and pictures rocking to the beat of the song. Regardless, you have a quality flash here (the DJ kitty was great). I hope to see more from you in the future.

Joxa responds:

more? i have LOADDDDDDDDDS! yeh i love Neils work and other animutations! tar for teh reveiw:D:D

Don't let the haters bother you

Especially RPJ, who doesn't know that Animutations aren't supposed to make sense. Great job with this one. Keep up the good work.

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Joxa responds:

thx for ur kind words. hope u enjoyed SHS!


I personally enjoyed the bits with those bouncung boobs girls.


Great just awesome and funny... Gotta love a rapping cat....!!!!!! HAA

Pretty Damn Funny

We liked it! Pretty freakin' funny if I do say so myself.

p.s. THanks alot for your kind review of our 'The Doodlers' movie. Unfortunately it got blammed :(

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Joxa responds:

the doodlers was blammed!:( that black guy was so freeking funny! DAM NG USERS! just submit more and make sound crisper. WOOHHOO!

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3.54 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2002
2:07 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily Feature October 2, 2002