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Blowjob from Jasmine. Version 1.0.


I'd have to say that this game actually isn't a "game". It seems more like a flash.

I want to say that those eyes are pretty creepy.

Also, the art actually isn't bad, and the music is pretty catchy.

You did quite a good job, I have to say at least.

Not much of a game, but it's a good base to develop further on...

And those are some dead and soulless eyes she got there...

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i don't find it too bad but i think certain things could use some touching up

Liked the idea. You can tell that the bones are there, but honestly not much else. At the moment, there is nothing really to make me want to play it for more than a couple mins.

The fact that it says V 1.0 would give me hope that this isn't the final version of this game. You need to make the artwork more detailed and inviting. For one, work on the nipples and make them stand out more. Second, make it more related to the source material. Right now, it could be anyone for the two characters and it wouldn't be any different.

Make it so that the man is Aladdin (or really anyone from the Aladdin movies). And add some related voice acting. At the very least, find a way to rip some lines from the actual movie. There are at least 3 movies and a TV show to rip lines from.

The animation is really smooth as it stands, which is a great thing to have in a game like this. But its kind of boring. Liven it up with some sexier moves. Get the characters more involved. Make it less like sex from an old married couple and more like a raunchy porno.

Finally, the Background Music is not that bad, but it should really be more Arab sounding. You are in a desert, why is there some kind of techno porno music playing?

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I liked the music in this game. Not bad on the artwork.

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2.06 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2014
12:09 AM EST
Action - Other