Sonic Boom 3ds in 6 min.

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Cartoon's based on Shattered Cryutals, the 3ds game, the one on the handheld. NOT the Wii U version. The 3ds one.
The Wii U game is too boring for a parody, and if you want to know what a Sonic boom the tv show in minutes would be, just stretch the first 12 seconds to a full 5 minutes and you get the idea.

Sonic Boom, Shattered Crystals on the 3ds, what can I say?
Gameplay is perfectly functional so if you like labyrinths it's neat.
If you like excitement, err. The tunnel bonus levels are neat I suppose.
Made this in 2/3th of a week.
Wow, been a while since I made these in minutes video's in a couple days.

Sonic Boom by Sega, and Sanzaru games.


corny random and repetative jokes then Shadow being a boss and epic ending yeah seems good

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This had me in tears good one Roger

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I always thought the Sonic Franchise has gone to hell. I like Sonic.EXE though. LOL

You got the point across...a little too well. I started getting bored by how boring you where making it seem. But, you got your point across.

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I give up on sonic , all these bad and unfinished games sega has licensed ..... I gave sega a chance after sonic 2006 but this !?!

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Dec 9, 2014
8:07 PM EST
Comedy - Parody