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WASD: Left hand movement
SPACE: Left hand action

MOUSE: Right hand movement
CLICK: Right hand action

This is a game for the Ludum Dare 31 with the theme "Entire Game on One Screen"

You can vote for it here :

Thanks for playing!


The objective of the game is controlling an office worker's stress in one of his normal days at work.
To do this he can play on his computer, drink coffee or sqeeze Snowy (we had to integrate the
snowman), but be carefull, coffee and Snowy won't last forever and failling in the games will
increase stress a lot. Also, the phone will keep ringing, reminding you to be pendent on the office.
Don't ignore it, your boss can be very picky and will fire you if you don't answer the phone. As
stress increases, it will make your hands shake, increasing the game's difficulty.

In the outer gamer the left hand is controlled with WASD and Spacebar can be used for interactions,
the right hand is controlled with the mouse. In the inner game, the fairy is moved and attacks with
the mouse and the character moves with the arrows and presses the controller's buttons with
Spacebar. The inner's inner game is simply controlled by the two buttons on the controller. The
computer must be turned on to start playing and it is possible to interact with all icons in the screen,
feel ready to find surprises.

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Too qwoppy.

terrible controls. Trying to use the mouse is a huge pain.

It's a great idea, and mostly it's good, but it's basically impossible to control. I mean, you have to control your hands with keyboard AND mouse, and coordinate them to move a character who moves IN the game to press keys to move ANOTHER character...@_@ This is the kind of game you play for five minutes, go "Haha, interesting!" and then go on to something less frustrating.

Czn somebody explain to me how to move in the mini game to the left? That's one thing I could not decipher....also how do you catch the hearts.? Great game.

Kabum42 responds:

Hi Dhall, to move in the frog mini game to the left you must push the left upper button in the middle game (the one with the fairy and the elf), you can push buttons with the elf by pushing the spacebar in the office.

To catch the hearts you must move the elf using the arrow keys from the office game by moving the right hand over them with your mouse and clicking them.

Glad you liked it :D

This game is really awesome!~ Best game I've played in a while :P

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3.00 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2014
9:38 PM EST
Simulation - Other