Raze 3

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Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight aliens, zombies and robots to save the earth. Or become the enemy and fight to destroy it.


Movement - WASD/Arrow Keys
Jump - Space

Aiming/Shooting - Mouse
Next/Previous Weapon - Q/E or Shift/Enter

Select specific weapon - Number keys
Use Ability - F/Ctrl
Pause - Esc/P

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beast game ever


we need Raze 4 !!!!!


A great game, and definitely a worthy successor to Raze and Raze 2. Balancing is better than both games, with the feeling that most enemies kill you with one hit and the overall crazy hard difficulty of the Alien campaign removed and rebalanced, and you don't get human enemies with ridiculously good aim anymore. There are some issues with some of the late game weapons in terms of balancing versus the enemy team, with them being so overpowered that they generally wipe out enemies at range in one or two hits, but the 'bots are generally smart enough to get around these things, even if they tend to wander a bit.

However, there are some issues that I've noted: two of the missions, one in the Human campaign and one in the Alien campaign, that are monstrously difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to three star. I have 95% completion on both campaigns, but these two missions defy me completely, and I still lack two stars from each.

For the Human campaign, the mission is Sniper Support. It is near impossible to get a fix on any of the enemies long enough to get in the two to three shots that are necessary to kill them, and the 'bot controlling your character moves around at complete random, often walking AWAY from enemies and standing still when there are no enemies within range. It is hugely difficult to land enough kills to even pass a one star rating. This might be fixed by having a slow time recharge ability gifted for only that level, allowing you to slow time as long as a key is held, which might let you get in the one headshot you need just before the enemy passes beyond the borders of the screen because the person you're tracking inexplicably ran away from them again.
Most of the level is frustrating as hell, feeling like a game of 'babysit the drooling AI', as it seems insistent on hiding in esoteric corners of the map, sitting in place without an enemy in sight for extended periods of time, and fleeing in the opposite direction in terror when the enemies so much as put their foot into the visible area.

From the Alien campaign, the mission is T-14 Terminator. As there is only one enemy that you need only kill five times, regardless of its health and durability against weapons fire, you simply do not have enough enemies to fight to get more than a one star rating even if you land every single kill that is possible to land. This could be fixed by rebalancing the level by tweaking the enemy's health and increasing their number, though this may cause other problems given the small size of the map.

Despite this, it is overall a very strong game, enjoyable and fun with a lot of replay value if you didn't three-star every mission the first time (excluding Sniper Support and T-14 Terminator, of course), or if you want to get enough CR to collect all the weapons and their upgrades. If it weren't for the two borked missions, this would have net itself a five stars from me.


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4.50 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2014
8:48 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun