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CaGe - Casual Genocide

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Black Belt 5 Points

Swipe 100 times. Hyaaa!

Bullet-in 5 Points

Fire 1000 bullets. 1000 messages delivered.

Champion Smasher 5 Points

Kill 10 champions. It's a coupe!

Don't Eat My Brains 5 Points

Kill 10 Zombies. Zombies, are full of it.

Encyclopedia of Basic Financing 5 Points

Collect $1000. It's a simple stash.

Fell In Love That Day 5 Points

Charm 50 subjects. There is too much love in the air!

Fire'em up! 5 Points

Burn things for 1 minute. I can smell the bacon!

Refill 5 Points

Collect 10 hearts. Yummy!

Spinning it! 5 Points

Fire 100 Chaingun bullets. Don't let go of it now!

Blazin 10 Points

Burn things for 10 minutes. It's getting smokey in here.

Broken Finger Award 10 Points

Swipe 500 times. Ninjastic!

Drop After Drop 10 Points

Collect 50 hearts. You're probably getting too much love.

Have you seen my razor? 10 Points

Cut 500 times. My eyes are still willing to see this.

I'm From Accounting 10 Points

Collect $10000. No office should go without a safety net.

Let's Carve This Out, Shall We? 10 Points

Laser something 500 times. Intervention successful.

Me, Smash! 10 Points

Smash 500 times with a rock. Did you do it rythmically?

No More Cookies For You 10 Points

Kill 25 champions. Greed doesn't pay!

No Talking Just Shoot 10 Points

Fire 5000 bullets. Focus on your inner self!

Pheromone Queen 10 Points

Charm 250 subjects. "pshhhh... Subjects started to fight between themselves... pshhh..."

Revolving Duke 10 Points

Fire 1000 Chaingun bullets. Who knew I had that much ammo?

Rocketeer! 10 Points

Make 500 hits with a rocket. Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

Scatterbug 10 Points

Fire 500 Scattergun bullets. Just look away.

Science Fiction Is Real 10 Points

Fire Gaussgun 500 times. Science fiction writers would be proud.

Straight From Olympus 10 Points

Make 500 hits with Thunderbeard. Ancient god's fury!

That's Just For Starters 10 Points

Kill 100 Smiles. Getting a hang of it.

They Are Coming, Barbara! 10 Points

Kill 50 Zombies. A little bit like in the classic.

Volatile Love 10 Points

Blow 1000 things. Love me till I explode.

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face 10 Points

Kill 10000 Smiles. No remorse. Your calmness is at stake.

Heartraiser 25 Points

Collect 100 hearts. Bloody affair.

Rich Enough 25 Points

Collect $100000. Could buy anything... thing thing thing.

Taking The Crown 25 Points

Kill 50 champions. That... belongs to me.

The Actual Bullethell 25 Points

Fire 10000 bullets. That escalated quickly.

Zombie Apocalypse 25 Points

Kill 100 Zombies. No zombie, no problem.

Just Like The Title 50 Points

Kill 100000 Smiles. Eye-melting carnage!

Ruler Of Happiness 50 Points

Kill 100 champions. You are enveloped in a warm feeling of happiness.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

More at www.sadcatstudio.com
Casual Genocide (CaGe) is a sandbox stress-relief game for everyone! Shoot & slice through hordes of annoying Smiles. Crush & smash Happy Champions against their lust for money. And fight against the zombie pandemic. Naturally, they are here to sacrifice themselves for your well-being as you fight for your sanity.

Your wife pissed you off?
Your boss is forcing you to stay overtime again?
You beloved cat pooped into your new shoes?
Feel like destroying something?
Wanna bash, crash and rip things apart?
CaGe is just the thing you need!

- 12 unique weapons to unlock and upgrade – unleash misery and pain upon Smiles
- Non-existent story! Yay for TL;DR crowd!
- Pure, casual, unstoppable, relaxing… violence

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Add an automatic coin collector or some shit and maybe some thing to help stop the rage building so fast and i will give this a better review.

Great game but is 100,000 really possible? I played 4hrs and was on 7000!

Worst nightmare is to have chaingun LV1/2 Have lots of zombies and 1 strong champion. Could you add a upgrade where you rage slower? Also the zombies should decreease the ammount of rage a little bit. And should add a zen mode when you unlock all weapons..that zen mode without ANGER but...no achievements unlocking.

This is a really simple game and quite easy to play. Though it makes really fun and is good to keep you busy with that for a couple of minutes from time to time. Like it

Fun game, simple and straightforward time occupier with nice medals.

GOLD EXPLOIT: Thunderbeard (6th weapon) gives 2 KOs (and twice the gold and double the rage relaxation meter) for every kill. Kind of broken, is that intentional?

GAUSSGUN ISSUE: I currently have level 16 Gaussgun and have yet to be able to get one single kill with it. It just turns the faces red and they run around away from it, but I can't get a single kill with Gaussgun. I see in a previous review that you were going to nerf the weapon, perhaps it has been made inert..?

ODDITY: After killing 33 champions, I wasn't able to kill any more for an oddly long period of time, until I realized if I start clicking like crazy at the start of game the background music wouldn't come on and the champions were invulnerable. So now I wait a bit, click once, wait some more, and then start playing. This seems to get me around the invulnerable champions / no background music oddity I was experiencing.

MEDAL GLITCHES: As noted by other users, there is a medal glitch where the Buritaco (1 minute) and (10 minute) medals activate immediately once you start using the flamethrower. I also believe the "Laser something 500 times" medal popped up as soon as I started using the Painless Laser.

FORGING SIGILS QUESTION: How do the Sigils work? I currently have a Sigil of Greed (Coin + 2), but didn't notice any discernable differences in drops before or after forging the sigil.