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hold 'E' or right-mouse click - grapple 'blocks'(large thin blocks on the field) or terrain
hold 'Space' while grappled to keep current grapple distance - combine with 'Boost' to circle around grapple point

left-mouse click - fire lasers/homing rockets - if ship hit will get a confirm 'beep'

1 - lasers
2 - rockets - for homing rockets will give a confirm 'beep' when player reticle is pointing at a target ship within range and will home in on target for 10 seconds before self-destructing.
3 - machine gun, close range
4 - place turret(max 5 at one time, available turrets indicated by Tx counter below aim, turrets destroyed after 1000 damage)
Mouse scroll - change weapon
WASD - move player on terrain
Left Shift - boost forward
C - toggle zoom
T - show score/best
Tab - toggle window cursor

Green glowing boxes are 'cores' which ships will gather and exhaust, flashing red when close to exhausted.

Game goal is to defend these green cores from being taken and exhausted for as many waves possible.

Free cores will return to core stations. When all cores are gone, game restarts.

Yellow glowing boxes - upgrade laser/rocket(1-5) - laser, gun more damage, rocket more damage+speed
Blue dashes below aim indicate weapon level(1-5)
Orange dashes below aim indicate ammo amount

Taking damage has a chance of weapon downgrades
ammo automatically regenerates, score points = shot damage

At the end of each wave, remaining ships are destroyed and a new wave of ships arrives. A new wave can also be started by destroying all ships.

Ships initially have shields which very slowly regenerate, once shields are down further damage is taken until the ship is destroyed.

Mountain level

Many thanks for the ratings and feedback on the game. Please post or pm or email(rangerfall2014@gmail.com) a message to be notified as further updates and content(weapons, levels, ships, etc) are added to the game or suggestions to improve the game.

If you are a 3d modeler and would like to develop/rig/animate models(ships, buildings, mechs, dinosaurs, etc) for the game, please send an email with links to your work.


Sound Design/Music by LE-SIUL

PC download version - larger screen resolutions, etc (download, unzip, click .exe file)




Vote 'yes' on steam to help get rangerfall greenlit/published on steam!

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Game Tips:

-Place turrets with "3" surrounding the enemies zone.

- If you are getting hit several times get hooked with RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to any ship or Pteradon to get of to a more calm area.


It would be cool if it wasn't so broken.

garcia1968 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. What can I change to make it less broken?

This game has a very chaotic and cluttered enviornment. The grappling physics also needs work. But a great game with great potential. Keep it up!

garcia1968 responds:

Thanks, I'm guessing the clutter is the grappling blocks themselves - they serve a dual purpose of giving the player grapple points as well as providing some obstacles/cover for the flying/shooting. Not sure how to reduce the grappling blocks/clutter without impacting the above points.

>The grappling physics also needs work

I've heard this point from others, does it need to be faster or how would you better describe what needs changing with the grappling?

Thanks again,

Well, thusfar the most complex and coherent use of Unity I've seen on the site, but still half of this I have no idea what's going on or what--if anything--I'm accomplishing other than boosting towards and firing mostly fruitlessly at ships that are randomly flying around.

garcia1968 responds:

Thanks for the playtest, rating and review. In the instructions that are first displayed when the game starts and on the game webpage is the below text describing the current gameplay goal. Let me know how you would better present the current below goal to the player or other gameplay goals that might be fun for the game. thanks, garcia1968

Green glowing boxes are 'cores' which ships will gather and exhaust, flashing red when close to exhausted.

Game goal is to defend these green cores from being taken and exhausted.

When all cores are gone, game restarts.

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4.61 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2014
1:22 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight