A Resident Evil 4 Thing

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This is my first official animation. I know it may look a little sloppy-- But I still try- This is just a parody of the first few minutes of Resident Evil 4. As for people who have actually played the game and know it well, you will definitely see that my version of the beginning of the game, is not exactly on point. In a way it's similar, but I really just put some of my imagination into this version.
I plan on making a second one. And If I do, it will be a looot more better than this one, absolutely--not... I will admit, this is sloppy, even for what I could do. I rushed this because I wanted to actually make something. But in my future animations, there shall not be no rushing! But I would still love to hear some feedback, bad or good, so I can make the second one and other future animations of mine... BETTER! thx 4 watchin~

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Pretty good for your first official animation. :P
I have a few suggestions that might help you in your future endeavours, should you be interested.

-It seemed like your animation ended a little too abruptly. That may have been the point since you plan on making a second one, but if you ended it after Leon fought off the Ganado you could pick it right back up in the next part. You could also have a screen that mentions that there will be a second part within the movie, but that is just a suggestion.

-Your lip sync skills at the beginning seemed pretty good, adding these to the communication scenes would help add to the animation quality.

-Your voice acting seems alright, but sometimes you speak a little bit quieter than some of the other lines. Speaking at a consistent volume will make your voice acting clear and easy to understand. This will be especially useful in the communication scenes as the static effect garbles things a little bit.

-While the super fast swishes when people walked out of the car were meant to keep up the fast pace of the video, spending a bit of extra time on the animation will definitely add to the quality of the project.

Keep up the good work!

KharonR responds:

Thanks for the advice. Everything you said is valid, and i understand what needs to be fixed.
I did rush it, only because I guess I was to excited to make it and upload this. And yea, It would be good to put a "until next time" or something to verify there would be second part to avoid confusion towards the end. I'm not sure if there would be a third one though. So doing that wouldn't be necessary for the second. But ill keep it in mind.
And yea people complain about the voice acting which I totally get, its not that great. But it was my first time, and I don't mean to make excuses but I did just have mouth surgery at the time. So that would have probably been the leading cause of the not so great voice acting.
But ill be sure that all my future animations will be made with much more care and time than this one. I'll be sure to fix the problems I have the best I can, and just progress from where I left off.

Thanks again for the tips! I will try to use them wisely~

Wow, For your first animation this was awesome!!! <3

KharonR responds:

thanks! But I'll do better next time for sure~

Voice acting could be better :(

Pretty good, looks like you pulled some inspiration from egoraptors "awesome" flashes as this one has the familiar air of his metal gear awesome to it. Only real gripe is the voices, they sound okay but they're a little muffled and sound a bit far away; had to crank up the volume on this one. Animation is good, and comedy is there.

I like the idea behind this animation and would watch more if it became a series. My biggest gripe with this animation is that the voice acting isn't the greatest, but that isn't really a problem. Another problem I found after watching it a second time is that it isn't really put together that well. The animation is ok and so is the voice acting, buy there is room for improvement as there is with anyhting else. I would work on your voice acting or possibly outsource to find better voice actors for your animations. Have a good day and keep improving your animating skills.

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2.93 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2014
10:29 PM EST
Comedy - Parody