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Space Cow

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2000 5 Points

Double Kill!

3000 5 Points

Killing Spree!

4000 5 Points


5000 5 Points

Mega Kill!

6000 5 Points


7000 5 Points

Wicked Sick!

ayy lmao 5 Points

I can't believe you ran into that!

First Blood! 5 Points

The first of many a blooded enemy!

Follow on Twitter 5 Points

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Paying The Bills! 5 Points

Gotta pay for that porn somehow...

8000 10 Points

Monster Kill!

9000 10 Points


10000 25 Points

Beyond Godlike!

You Got One! 50 Points

It's about time!

Author Comments

*CONTEST!* It is over. The winner was me, because no one else signed up. For shame people, for shame. :|
It's time to have a cow man with Space Cow! Run into spirits for points... in Space!

This is a short project that's been sitting on my hard drive for close to a year. I added a few things to it to get it ready for Newgrounds as an apology for White Knight Fury being delayed.

In space, no one can hear you bash...
Please follow me @KMDES on Twitter. Also please visit my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/kmdes so I can help maintain my lawn gnome collection.

Please message me here on Newgrounds if you find any bugs.
*How to Play!*

Use your mouse or finger your touch screen to move Space Cow around.

Run into 'spirits' the ghost looking things that fly crooked and appear and disappear! They give you points and more time! The more you hit without running into a space mine, the better the bonus point combos you get!

Please avoid the space mines! The big yellow mines will stun you and take away your hard earned points if you run into them. Don't do it!

Most of all, have fun! Seriously, have fun, or else... >:|

Pro tip: Keep your mouse within the black borders for more accurate control.

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i run out of time before reaching 8k without even hitting any mines, aggravating af

I don't have anything to say about this game, just. we are a space cow who needs to run into "spirits"(that looks like shit)... i like how you do your games. like Super Opprressed PPL. MAN, that was a good game (altough it was just a satire) i like your game style.
Space Cow was just a game that i didn't understand, but somewhere i found it funny. I can't do a bigger review because i don't have much to say but...

5 Stars!

-Floating "spirits" shits
-I'm a cow

-The cons session

"would play moar" 420/13 - IGN

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Glad you liked it.

I'mma spoil it for you though. It's based on this.


sorry if my last review on your other game was a bit mean I just didn't really like that one game but this is actually not that bad good job

Because I am an evil SWM (straight white male) I can use my privilige to rate it 5/5. Not that I like it, mind you...it's just privilige!

MinorAtrocityGames responds:

Sempai noticed me!

Apart from the fact that this game never seems to end, it was fun! I avoided the space mines best I could expecting an increasing challenge aaand suddenly I'm past 10k and nowhere near running out of time (more than 50 remaining), continued play seems somewhat monotone at this point. Unless control via regular mouse is easier, the difficulty balance seems a bit off here. Keep it going!


MinorAtrocityGames responds:

It shouldn't go on forever. Even if you hit every ghost possible you should still run out of time. I'll have to look and see if there is some sort of bug that's giving you extra time.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2014
12:43 PM EST