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Rogue Legend

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Complete Tutorial 5 Points

Complete the Tutorial

Get a chicken 10 Points

Get a chicken

Get a copper sword 10 Points

Get a copper sword

Build a bigger house 25 Points

Build a bigger house

Get a backpack 25 Points

Get a backpack

Get a cow 25 Points

Get a cow

Get a sheep 25 Points

Get a sheep

Get the copper tools 25 Points

Get the copper tools

Get the titanium tools 50 Points

Get the titanium tools

Pay off debt 50 Points

Pay off your farm debt

Survive winter 50 Points

Survive the winter

Get a diamond sword 100 Points

Get a diamond sword

Get the diamond tools 100 Points

Get the diamond tools

Author Comments

Plant crops, grow them, and sell them for money. There are upgrades to buy, and things to find. You can create and scavenge materials to craft items, or save up your money to buy them. Make or buy blocks and use them to build your own house however you like. Or you can equip your sword and go hunt enemies. Your character has needs (hunger/thirst/fatigue/sickness) that you need to manage by either scavenging in the procedural wilderness or growing supplies.

We are just $100 away from making Rogue Legend 2 a reality! http://kassoon.com/rogue-legend-2/

Update (Dec 22, 11 PST):
* Fixed issue with Confusing Map
* Fixed issue where certain items could disappear when moving from chest to backpack

Update (Dec 18, 14 PST):
* You can manually save to file with F8 and load from file with F9
* Backpacks automatically open when selected and close if selected with one open (Unfortunately this means you can no longer question your reality)
* Backpacks flash when an item is automatically stacked inside them
* You can move while backpacks are open
* Made the delivery box messages a little clearer
* Fixed an issue where specific items would sometimes disappear when picked up and inventory is full but backpack was not

Update (Dec 10, 11 PST):
* Added Jumbo and Super Chests
* If your inventory is full and you have an empty slot in a backpack the item will go into your backpack
* Adjusted tutorial
* The kickstarter is over 25% funded! It’s going great but we still need more! Check it out: http://kassoon.com/rogue-legend-2/

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awesome game! i wish i could save. if there is a way to save, i wish i could figure it out...

Very addicting and I love the style. As for the items disappearing glitch, simply refresh the page as soon as you see your items are missing. That's always worked out for me.

awesome game i love it ! :D

it's a great game. i actually have not played it since a while ago but now that i am trying to play it again i keep running into one little problem. i can't get out of the burning village. well... the text says i am aka i get the deed and the land but for some reason my character doesn't go outside the cillage and it just all looks very laggy. besides that i think that the mc's parent's should have a little bit of dialogue. like, the mom saying "quick get away from here to safety" as she pushes him in the fireplace or something

I love this game but one of the issues you listed as fixed is still going on. I went into my chest and a ton of resources I collected disappeared. I can still regather all the items but it's a pain. especially when I took awhile to gather lots of wood and stone so I wouldn't have to worry about collecting it for a season or two.

Besides that one glitch I really love this game! It's so much fun to build up a huge farm and go through all four seasons. I also admire how you made this in only two months and came out with a really cool game. I think the more time you spend on the sequel, the better it will turn out. I can't wait for Rogue Legend 2! :D