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High Scores
1. Barbostar 79,473
2. NoobatEverything 79,202
3. Cookieshine 78,809
4. chriswsh 78,554
5. kiriqk 78,331
6. nickt9 78,139
7. MasterHons 77,963
8. Zentech225 77,557
9. Higor-Silva 76,721
10. gearhunter23 76,399
11. rowadorok 76,357
12. SifuRay 76,000
13. blueblurry 73,029
14. rhynoclemmis 72,888
15. NeonSpider 71,911
16. WilhelmVonStarck 70,754
17. ALphATris 70,683
18. Guillem 69,027
19. GloomyGM 67,812
20. Fahrenheit17 59,312

Author Comments

version v14f
- Fixed apple regeneration on days after 10.
- Reduced chance of boss doing slurp attack from 50% to 35%.
- Fixed saved gold plate titles when opening from the main menu statue.
- Deleted save game slot when game is won.

As mayor, defend your small town from the undead, summoned by two witches. Trade for supplies, dig for treasure, and unlock special abilities for your villagers. Will this be the last town to fall to witchcraft?


Awesome game ^_^ Love games like these, with such a cool art style, addictive concept and also some achievements to be won. It was a bit challenging at times, but towards the end it got more relaxing.
I really enjoyed that, stayed happy all the way through it :)

Very excellent game! I would rate 5 stars however, a fast foward option could have been made..otherwise i see no other downfalls. This game was a blast to beat!

could do a little better. has good potential. Well a fast forward button could've been pretty good for starters. Dialogues are pretty good compaired to other games of same catagory though.

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Very enjoyable game. This was great fun. I like the choices aspect of it, too. The variety of characters you can use to fight. Etc.

Close to perfect. I haven't played a great defense game in quite a while. The only thing I would change is to add an explanation to certain items. I didn't understand how to use certain skills the first few times. Involved a lot of trial and error.

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2014
1:29 PM EST
Strategy - Other