Last Town

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Fortress 25 Points

Put one point into each town perk

Fortune 25 Points

Earn 30 coins

Partisan 25 Points

Buy all the farmer upgrades

Prosperity 25 Points

Earn 25 gems

Cleanse 50 Points

Kill 300 zombies

Ozymandias 100 Points

Beat the game

Author Comments

version v14f
- Fixed apple regeneration on days after 10.
- Reduced chance of boss doing slurp attack from 50% to 35%.
- Fixed saved gold plate titles when opening from the main menu statue.
- Deleted save game slot when game is won.

As mayor, defend your small town from the undead, summoned by two witches. Trade for supplies, dig for treasure, and unlock special abilities for your villagers. Will this be the last town to fall to witchcraft?


I would love the ability to target, though I know that would defeat the mechanics of this game. Never have I sworn so much at my screen. This game has been worth it all the way through, and I'm glad it's around. I don't have any particular criticisms, and I hope I never will have any.

I love it!

It´s good to pass the time and nostalgic!!!

This was a pretty fun game. The story was simple enough to keep me interested, the upgrades and various units all felt useful, and there didn't feel like there was a lot that got in the way of the game. A few things to note, though. Towards the end, the enemy count alongside your large number of units made it difficult to tell what was going on in fights, and I just resorted to making the same exact formation for the last few levels over and over (excluding the boss). While the sections where you lose certain units were quite unique and added some challenge, it felt annoying to have spent so many coins on upgrades for units which you'll never use again. And I don't know if it's just my mouse bugging out on me or not, but the game was a little unresponsive at times and didn't select the skills when I clicked on them. With those complaints aside, I really enjoyed this, and the minor branching paths in the story do give this some replayability.

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How do I collect apples??? I accidentally closed the explanation window ;'(

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Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2014
1:29 PM EST
Strategy - Other