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Genryu's Blade (2000)

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Genryu's Blade was first posted on Newgrounds back in 2000. This is the remastered version, back on Newgrounds where it first started.

Story: Genryu's Shino, an assassin who decided to retire and lead a normal life has one small problem; the Yakuza see his actions as an act of betrayal and now wants him dead. The Yakuza Boss places a 100 million dollar bounty on his head and his mysterious dragon blade. Now Genryu's must once again kill but not for money, survival.

Once an Assassin, Always an Assassin.

View Fun facts about this short: http://www.nelsonhurst.com/394/genryus-blade/

For upcoming and current projects: http:www.nelsonhurst.com

Glad to be back.

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Really impressive for 2000. My only complaint is you could have polished up the animation & added additional frames for this remaster, though I've never seen the original and I'm merely assuming you haven't made such updates already. I thought it was kinda crummy at first but then the fight scene kicked in and really impressed me. I wish I had access to the original SWF though. Pretty weird though that this was front-paged today when it was uploaded in 2014.

Iconic, and still unmatched all this years later.

Does anyone have the original swf for this they can send me? I have the "special edition" that came out later, that has better music and less garish video effects. But I wonder if anyone has the original version archived somewhere.

This sounds so weird to me because I remember the music being different in the original and maybe I prefer the original. Either way considering that this came out in 2000 people have to realize how impressive this animation was in flash back then. It deserves the 5 stars. People don't realize how much of a pain in the balls flash was back in 2000 and if you compare this animation with other 2000 flash animation it is top notch. I was always waiting for a Genryu's Blade 2 and sadly we never got one. Maybe this is how it was meant to be.

A classic! If you didn't get to watch this one on flash, too bad for you. It used to look a lot better.

Dude... I was 16, when I saw this. You still owe us Shockamine, goddammit. What I appreciated was the direction, choreography, and to some extent, the writing. Dude, I HOPE you become a director, because you show GREAT restraint and awesome attention to detail. And your camerawork is beautiful... I mean, SHIT, the “He’s Mine” part was such a smart fucking choice. It FELT like anime. A thousand kudos to you, and PLEASE make a follow. I’ve been waiting, lol.